MoonXBT offers cryptocurrency trading services

MoonXBT offers cryptocurrency trading services

As one of the social cryptocurrency operators, MoonXBT combines socializing and trading by creating a blockchain neighborhood for the crypto world.

MoonXBT solves problems traders face due to lack of communication and rising costs of learning tools to navigate the industry. MoonXBT provides contract trading, social interaction, and one-click copy trading services for global traders.

MoonXBT provides two types of K-lines. Traders can switch between the ASK or BID K-line on their monitors. This type of K-line is the product of the average weighted price of the top spot market exchanges.


In terms of security, MoonXBT has onboarded many former bank-level executives and world-class research and development team. It has triple protection with wallet, transaction, and system securities. They also have a cold/hot wallet storage in place, just in case the servers, trading engines, and databases get attacked. All fund transfers from cold storage to hot wallets are processed manually and require multiple authorizations. They also use AWS Shield to reduce potential DDoS attacks and simultaneously prevent large-scale complex attacks and in-depth perspective attacks. Lastly, they designed the MoonXBT trading engine to meet the highest industry standards for online trading. All systems use unique codes to minimize delays and increase order execution speed.

MoonXBT will also assist users in executing trades with the Copy Trading system at a click of a button. Everything is taken care of by simply following the trader users select. In addition, by copying the trades, users can also use or steal the successful trading strategies of the traders and turn them into their own.

MoonXBT says they have a user-friendly UI design with a trouble-free trading experience. At present, its daily trading volume is up to 100 million.

For new traders, MoonXBT has Welcome Campaign Rewards for new users. A trading bonus of USD 35. Users also get full cashback on their first order. For example, after registering at MoonXBT, top-up 100 USDT, and making a trade, MoonXBT will refund users with a 100 USDT Trading Bonus. You can trade with both Trading Bonus and USDT.

For interested users, check this link out right here.

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