New global video coding standard H.266 Codec revealed

New global video coding standard H.266 Codec revealed

Fraunhofer HHI reveals a new global video coding standard. Dubbed as the H.266, or Versatile Video Coding (VVC), the new standard improves compression which makes the file size 50% smaller without compromising the video quality.

For example, a 90-minute-long UHD video with 10GB data would only be 5GB when encoded using the new codec. The latest video codec claims the lightweight streaming of all video resolutions from SD to 4K and 8K formats. This also includes high-dynamic, 360-degree videos.


The codec was developed in collaboration with tech brand giants Apple, Ericsson, Intel, Huawei, Microsoft, Qualcomm, and Sony. Its document specification runs over 500 pages and is edited by Fraunhofer HHI Video Coding Systems group head Benjamin Bross.

Calling it as the company’s “quantum leap in coding efficiency”, the new standard will also be applicable to flat-screen TVs.

The company also shares that the hardware required for the use of H.266 codec in mobile devices is now being designed. It is scheduled to roll out the first VVC decoding and encoding software around September to December 2020.

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