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OPPO Air Glass now official

OPPO has just announced the Air Glass, an AR device that will go on sale in 2022. The OPPO Air Glass is a monocle that is designed to deliver information to its user.

The OPPO Air Glass is for use cases such as navigation, translation, teleprompter, calender, weather, and a lot more. OPPO calls it “assisted reality” instead of augmented reality as the Air Glass delivers 2D information to its user.

This is achieved using a power-efficient “Spark Micro Projector”, which is a Micro LED chip that projects a 640 x 480 image onto the glass display. The Air Glass is powered by a Qualcomm Spandragon Wear 4100. OPPO says that if a user pairs the Air Glass with an OPPO phone or watch, users can toggle notifications by tapping the Air Glass’ touch bar or nodding their head.


Users can use the Air Glass as a teleprompter by just uploading the text to the device, setting the size and scrolling speed via the smartphone app. Users can manually tap the touch bar to scroll manually as well. OPPO is also testing a hand gesture feature for this for easier access.

OPPO has also worked with Baidu to integrate Baidu Walk and Bike Navigation as well as Explore. Users will see step-by-step navigation based on one’s location.

OPPO says the Air Glass will receive a limited release in 2022, and will first be sold in mainland China. So stay tuned for more updates.


Source: OPPO

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