OPPO intros Omni 5G CPE

OPPO intros Omni 5G CPE

OPPO introduces its newly developed Omni 5G CPE unit that converts the 5G mobile signal into a stable Wi-Fi connection to support IoT devices.

As 5G becomes a reality for more people, OPPO aims to bring the benefits of 5G to smart homes, offices, and public spaces. OPPO claims that this device would power unlimited gaming, smart energy management, and smooth video conferencing. This also grants no bandwidth competition and unlocks the chance of connectivity anywhere.


“When you plug a 5G SIM card into this compact piece of futuristic technology, it converts the 5G mobile signal into a stable Wi-Fi connection. Now you can enjoy the benefits of 5G in your home or at the office—even public spaces,” OPPO shared in a statement.

The Omni 5G CPE features two technologies at its core. The O-Reserve 5G Antenna system uses the Sub-6GHz 5G spectrum, automatically choosing four of its eight antennae at a time to get the best possible signal. Simultaneously, the OPPO intros Omni 5G CPE can rotate itself through 360°, enabling its own two antennae to pick up the optimum mmWave signal. These two systems, working together, are supported by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon X55 modem, with a chip that uses both 5G spectrums for the strongest and most reliable signal possible.

OPPO recognized that these innovations have only been possible due to the extensive collaboration with their partners. The company works with Qualcomm, Ericsson, and Keysight Technologies, enabling them to perfect their 5G designs, and test them thoroughly. Moreover, OPPO is also looking forward to what these would empower them to bring to the worlds of personal devices, home life, work, and travel.

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