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OPPO MagVOOC flash charging series unveiled

OPPO has just unveiled its MagVOOC magnetic flash charging series at the China International Smart Industry Expo 2021.

MagVOOC is OPPO’s first wireless charging solution. The first generation of products under MagVOOC includes two chargers (40W and 20W) and a power bank.

The MagVOOC series includes the MagVOOC wireless flash charging stand, which claims to help users save up to 60% of preparation time compared to conventional wired charging. The stand holds the phone up magnetically with a 40W fast charging support.

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Next is the MagVOOC wireless power bank, which uses a magnetic alignment system to ensure accurate alignment between the phone and the charger. This wireless charging power bank is compatible with Qi-standard with 20W wireless charging and 10W wired charging support for smartphones.

Lastly, the MagVOOC ultra-thin flash charger adopts a split design making the whole charger thinner. It is a 20W portable magnetic charger with wireless charging support. Besides, it also supports Qi charging at up to 10W.

OPPO mentioned that the company is committed to optimizing its technologies and products to cover a more diverse user journey map.

“OPPO is steadily accomplishing our strategic deployment in the field of IoT and broader areas concerning Internet of Experience, aiming to empower customers in a variety of scenarios.” Said Henry Duan, Vice President and President of Smartphone Product at OPPO. “With the new magnetic flash charging and in-car connectivity technologies, we are doing our best to enhance customer experiences in every aspect.”

Source: OPPO via GSMArena

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