PAYO launches new platform that simplifies Cash On Delivery (COD)

PAYO launches new platform that simplifies Cash On Delivery (COD)

PAYO, an eCommerce platform and a leading call center business, has launched a new platform that simplifies Cash On Delivery (COD) transactions in the country.


According to PAYO CEO Ofri Kadosh, the new platform will help to minimize order cancellations and increase revenues for merchants. It will also provide a better COD transactions for both merchants and their customers. The said platform “works as an interface than can be added to the merchant’s shopping carts”. A pool of data scientists will process every sale, and record and analyze the client’s order history once the order is placed.

PAYO is bound to release a mobile application later this year to help consumers keep track of their orders. They will be updated on the whereabouts of their order/s and manage their own orders. The company recently partnered with two of some of the biggest gateways in the Philippines and Southeast Asia, Paynamics and Ipay88. These will be fully integrated to Payo’s platform during the first quarter of 2018.

PAYO handles COD transactions for big brands, such as National Bookstore, Sunnies Specs and Sole Academy, among others.

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