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PLDT outs new Fibr Plan 1899 with 20 Mbps connection

PLDT has released a new Fibr Plan 1899 which offers 20 Mbps connection.

The Fibr Plan 1899 is a new offering which offers 20 Mbps unlimited internet with iflix and FOX Networks Group. In comparison, PLDT also offers the Lite Plan 1899 with 50 Mbps speeds but capped at 80GB per month volume allowance.



Other Fibr plans include the Power Plus Plan 2899 for up to 50 Mbps, and Power Plus Plan 3500 for up to 50 Mbps with Cignal Digital TV Channels, iflix and FOX Networks Group. All plans are available as an upgrade to existing PLDT Home subscribers except for the Power Plus Plan.

For more details, you can check PLDT’s website here.

This article was written by Louie Diangson, Managing Editor of YugaTech. You can follow him at @John_Louie.

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27 Responses

  1. K L says:

    Fake coverage, just for publicity to claim they are number one. Metro Manila not fully fiber ready

  2. JJ says:

    Not available sa area namin, dapat same speed din ang nakukuha ng dsl subscriber, example
    ang FAMPLAN 1995+landline 8 MBPS,, Kasalanan ba namin kung walang fibr sa area. Asan ang hustisya?

    • Roland says:

      Problem po is degraded na yung mga copper lines na ginagamit sa dsl.
      Tulad dito sa amin kaya nagpafiber na kami. Lahat ng lines grounded na on and off ang signal phone and net. At mismong tech na din ang nagsabi na wala ng pagasa so…..lipat

  3. Jers says:

    No Fibr near Libertad, Pasay. For the past N months, I’ve tried upgrading my 5Mbps DSL to Fibr multiple times every 1.5 months to no avail. Wala pa daw provision samin.

    • jesus says:

      merong nagkakabit ng PLDT FIBER CABLE dito samin, ilang months po ba bago nila paganahin yong mga cables na kinabit nila

  4. Yuya says:

    Hope they install more fiber lines. The problem would be the thieves not among them but among us

  5. Mil says:

    Samin meron na fiber box since mar2016 pero hanggang ngayon di pa rin live kaya di makapag migrate.

  6. CP says:

    Don’t wanna be that guy but Globe’s offering on the same “lite” plan is loads better. 50 mbps 300GB cap and after reaching it, throttled to 15mbps speed (not sure with PLDT though).

  7. ED says:

    Fibr Subscriber na ako and I decided to upgrade. Finally may new offer na.

    I upgraded last November 19. Sabi nung call center agent, that it will take 24-48hours para magka job order, then another 3-5 days para mag reflect yung bagong speed.

    5 days na nakakalipas wala paring Job Order… WHY PLDT? WHY?!

  8. Allan D. Corpuz says:

    I tested the internet speed of the Fibr beside our home. They have a cheaper plan (1299) and they are getting 1.98/1.84 (DL/UL speeds). Contrast that to our Fibr, the speed drops to 0.42/0.85Mbps (DL/UL speeds). We live in the same compound. We pay 3500, they pay 1299 and they even have better speeds. The Customer Service Reps said, we are experiencing downtime; if that is the case, how come, the downtime is limited to us and not to them, when we practically share the same Fibr Line?
    We pay premium prices for these Fibr lines and get very lousy service.

    • PJ says:

      ano pong ginamit niyong internet speed, i just want to check. kasi kakabit lang din sa amin ng 1899 plan with 20mbps. ty

  9. jay says:

    during rush hour it has a higher ping,

  10. abrien says:

    yung 8mbps ng sky broadband na unli data sobrang bilis na like 1mb yung DL speed kpag nag totorrent ako tas consistent na 8mbps yung DL at 1mbps ang UL. tas my cable channels pa tas everytime I watch youtube 720p-1080p ang resolution na automatic hahah laptop ko lang ang umaayaw khit 4k vids nga hndi ng bubuffer.

  11. Matthew Concepcion says:

    i have the pldt fibr plan 1899 20mbps unlimited for me ang bilis ng connection ko lucky i can even watch youtube at 4k resolution walang lag = ) im from silang cavite
    depende lng siguro yan sa lugar nyo

  12. ar0dz says:

    hi matthew, how much monthly bill? exact 1899 or + 700 pa for phone?

  13. potanes says:

    ka2aply ko lang s plan 1899..tanong q lang guys kung ilang days bago ikabit ung internet? at anopo ung download speed nya salamat

  14. ItsMe says:

    My wireless po ba na fibr? balak ko sana ung 1899 plan ung upto 20mbs. bawal kasi don sa samin pag hindi wireless

  15. cath says:

    i applied online for my fibr upgrade from dsl plan 1699 nung october 26..they came to install them today..mabilis nmn cla..so far dito sa amin sa Laguna wala nmn po problem ang service nla: mabilis cla magrespond sa mga problems.. di lumilipas ng 1wk may dumadating to address my issues with them..

  16. Christian Valdez says:

    yung fibr plan 1899 may landline na ba yun?

  17. Carmie says:

    Sa plan 1899 po ba kaya lahat maka connect ang 6 cp at isang tv?.Babagal kaya masyado kung ganun karami ang nakaconnect?thanks sa reply

  18. joja galeon says:

    what is the different of 1899 to 1899 lite plan?

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