Sen. TG Guingona files Crowdsourcing Act of 2012

In the aftermath of the Republic Act 10175, also known as the Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012, Sen. TG Guingona files the Crowdsourcing Act of 2012 which gives the public a chance to express their thoughts and sentiments on pending laws.

According to Senator Teofisto “TG” Guingona, the Crowdsourcing Act of 2012 allows people to comment on pending bills through email and the internet. It also allows the public to access copies of bills and measures pending before the Senate and the House of Representatives. Simply put, the people, including the online community, are allowed to participate in the process of law-making.

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As shown in the infographic, the bill promotes Transparency, People participation and Accountability. However, as indicated, it’s not perfect and calls for help from the public in order to improve it.

You can read and download the entire bill at


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This article was written by Louie Diangson, Managing Editor of YugaTech. You can follow him at @John_Louie.

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  2. Avatar for gerry gerry says:

    this is a very good idea, FTW TG!
    companies are doing this, why not the government. in the annotations once a certain bill is passed a note of thanks can be given to anon “anon delivers!”

    not unless someone – suddenly steals all the credits, plagiarizing the whole thing.

  3. Avatar for kidlat020 kidlat020 says:

    add ko lang:

    4. The “trolls” entering to this outsourcing will probably be the crocs themselves or the uneducated. I want to get at least some assurance that these “trolls” will be left out of the discussion. Pero pano kaya nila gagawin 2?
    5. eh pano kung troll si guingona in the first place? Or I guess the better question is “who is troll sa senado”?

  4. Avatar for kidlat020 kidlat020 says:

    So, lalabas na parang wikipedia ang lawmaking? Probably the fastest and the best way para maplantsa ang isang law, pero:

    1. ready naman kaya magpakumbaba ang lawmakers into a random anon (or at best a forum mod) para makuha ang opinion natin?
    2. at ang mga buwaya? they would practically lose power once napuna ang mga mali sa law, that they take advantage of.
    3. Would they be willing to understand and adapt to the anonymity nature of internet?

    Well there’s one definite BIG advantage the lawmakers would get when they DO this: hindi na time-consuming ang lawmaking. Would they be willing to make a compromise?

  5. Avatar for vince vince says:

    watch the above talk. It talks about a software (open source) used for collaboration in writing software with different people in different locations. With this software we know who wrote/deleted/edited what line and when the edit was made and we have a history of the previous versions.

    It’s a similar principle to wikipedia articles. The final wiki article you see is the product of collaboration from many people and if the wikipedia user logged in, we know who wrote what and when.

    Code is also similar to laws. If this bill doesn’t push through, we could use a version of the software within congress. It would record which congressman/senator made such and such change, complete with a history of previous versions. If it does push through then we really need some kind of software to control the chaos of thousands of people collaborating to create a new law

  6. Avatar for ChrisP ChrisP says:

    Nauna pa yang cybercrime law sa anti-EPAL bill.. :3

  7. Avatar for 2toyzki 2toyzki says:

    I think kung maipatupad man ito, hindi ito tatagal…. sa dami b namang trolls na pilipino (hindi lahat) eh for sure kung may pangit na bill eh tatadtarin yan ng troll comments..

  8. Avatar for PSEspiritu PSEspiritu says:

    The accidental hero milks the proverbial cow.

  9. Avatar for Mark Mark says:

    TG Guingona is the champion of the netizens! Surely voting for him when he needs it :D

  10. Avatar for rodel urot rodel urot says:

    nice one! all gov’t. biddings should be published online too.

  11. Avatar for Marvin Marvin says:

    those crocs will do anything to stop any acts for good governance for sure.

  12. Avatar for Mike Mike says:

    sana tiyakin ng Crowdsourcing Act kung paano makakasali sa online discourse yung workers/farmers/urban and rural poor… sila kasi ang majority. sila ang numero unong tinatamaan ng “nation’s problems”. sila ang susi sa totoong “nation building”.

    • Avatar for Jerry Jerry says:

      This will sound offensive, but its the vote of the “majority” (urban/rural poor), that gets the sottos, the lito lapids, showbiz personalities into office.

      Its like asking a toddler what he wants to eat for dinner – of course he’s going to say “Cake!” or “Ice cream” because he isnt educated enough to know the ramifications of his decisions

    • Avatar for renz renz says:

      I agree with Jerry…

      sometimes they should also see the world from our point of view… the working class… do not get me wrong, i sympathize with the poor (i may already come from that bracket already)… but isn’t it that the working class get to pay for everything? Our taxes (which is normally 20-30% of our salary) is automatically deducted from us every month. Yet have they passed a bill that can help the working class live better? They may start to think about a affordable and decent housing for the middle class… a better health benefit… or at least a better retirement package from our government… If airing our voices over the internet is a way to hear us… then maybe the “Act” may be the best way for us to be counted…. peace…

    • Avatar for anon anon says:

      solid point jerry. it is not wrong to get the opinion of the working class, it is a good idea. pero bago kasi makakuha ng maayos na discourse from them kailangan maunawaan din nila ang mas maraming bagay. at hindi yun madali. dahil madalas sa hindi wala silang pakialam.

      just imagine way back elections of 2010, if not for Noynoy – Erap would still be our president.

  13. Avatar for deuts deuts says:

    If it’s a bill, it’s a bill. If it’s not yet a law, it’s not an act.

  14. Avatar for RickLabrador RickLabrador says:

    This is really GOOD! Lets help improve and make this act possible.

  15. Avatar for unggoy unggoy says:

    ung mga nag-rarally nga sa kalye di pinapakinggan, sa computer pa kya?


  16. Avatar for BR BR says:

    Sana mauna tong bill na to before FOI, para kung sino man ang hindi nag vote in favor of FOI, alam natin kung sino sila.

  17. Avatar for BR BR says:

    Nice Galing ni TG!!!

  18. Avatar for booboo booboo says:

    Freedom of Information should also be passed.

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