Smart, DepEd launch eStorytelling Sessions

Smart, DepEd launch eStorytelling Sessions

Smart  Communications Inc., in partnership with DepEd and The Storytelling Project, has launched its new eStorytelling Sessions program.

The eStorytelling program is aired live every 8:30 PM on the Smart Communities Facebook page, allowing users to join in for free. Smart has tapped Kuya Rey Bufi, the founder of the Storytelling Project, which is an organization that has been reading to kids in remote communities.


“Since we are unable to go out to tell stories, the eStorytelling Sessions give us the unique opportunity to reach out to more Filipino families. Technology has become the most useful way to help us in our need for human interaction,” said Kuya Rey Bufi.

Additionally, Kuya Rey is encouraging other parents to tell stories to their children and integrate it into their daily routine. He also notes that “Parents can use this time to get to know our kids more and to teach them valuable life lessons that can guide them as they grow-up. For small children, storytelling can serve as a bridge to reading books on their own. Storytelling also creates happy memories and can help develop children’s genuine love for reading. A good storytelling routine before bedtime can give our kids a sense of security and normalcy.”

Most stories told in Smart’s eStorytelling Sessions are told in Filipino, as studies have shown that it facilitates better understanding and improves the learning experience. Moreover, choosing to tell stories in Filipino and other local languages not only promotes them but also reaches as many Filipino families as possible, according to Ramon Isberto, Head of Public Affairs of PLDT and Smart.

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