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Smart offers new postpaid plans with bigger data

Smart has announced their new postpaid plans bundled with bigger data, calls, and unlimited texts.

Smart’s postpaid plans start at Plan 399 with 3GB of data and 20 minutes of All-net calls, to Plan 2999 with 36GB data with 90 minutes of All-net calls. All Smart Postpaid Plans come with unlimited all-net texts.

In addition, subscribers can also get free access to chat apps of their choice, as well as the option to add a smartphone, entertainment services (iWant TV, iFlix, Fox+), and Flexibundle add-ons.

For more information on Smart’s postpaid plans, hit the source link below:

source: Smart

This article was written by Louie Diangson, Managing Editor of YugaTech. You can follow him at @John_Louie.

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11 Responses

  1. Nato says:

    With my old plan 1800 consumable i can have 30gb worth of data due to surfmax, unlicall smart to smart due to unlicall 500 and 300 unlitxt… bat bumaba ang data allocation with 1999? Hiw can that be more advantageous?

    • Humble says:

      I am on iPhone plan 2000 with all month surf. The equivalent Giga plan 1999 is a laughing stock. Even my contract will be up soon, as long as I don’t apply for retention, I get to keep my same old plan but without a handset. Why is Smart postpaid getting dumber and dumber?

  2. Christian Aris E Llanes says:

    Are there news that there will be new phone models for post paid plan?

    • kuyanyan says:

      Meron bes pero magdagdag ka monthly for 30 months. Kung flagship yan, additional 2000 per month for 30 months on top of your plan hahaha

  3. kuyanyan says:

    This is the worst plan I’ve seen offered here in the Philippines. It doesn’t make any sense to get a Smart Postpaid Plan for a longer contract period and NOT GET ANY SUBSIDIZED PHONE.

    Getting a postpaid plan from any telco should be an enticing prospect. You get your own number that you can keep for years even if you lose your SIM, you can get a free handset or subsidy for a high end model if you choose to avail of retention, faster data speed, better service, etc. To their credit, Smart Postpaid subscribers will get double the data, unlimited all-net texts and an allocation for all net calls for the equivalent ThePlan at Globe but people rarely call or text other people nowadays. Everything else can be done through data — calls and messaging through FB Messenger/Viber/Skype. Even the market is moving towards RCS (to replace SMS/texting) and voLTE. What’s worse than the 30 months lock-in period is the pricing for the phones which you need to pay ON TOP OF YOUR MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION.

    As an example, let’s avail of an iPhone 7 (32GB) at 999. With Smart, you’ll be paying P999 for your subscription and P1500 for the iPhone monthly… for 30 months. That’s a total of P74,970 for the whole 30 months. With Globe, you’ll only need to pay P999 monthly and pay a one time payment of P25, 200 for the phone. That’s P49, 176 versus P74,970 and you also get free 6 months Netflix and Hooq subscription with Globe.

    This isn’t how you keep or attract subscribers Smart. They should have kept the Giga Plan. At least with the Giga Plan, you can opt a smaller data/calls allocation for a shorter contract period, and get a subsidized phone OR get a higher data/calls allocation only for a 24 month contract period..

    • Humble says:

      Smart postpaid is officially a joke. Might as well change it to Dumb postpaid. Their plans are confusing, especially this giga plan. The data allowances for each plan is different for the sim card only and for the plan with a handset.

  4. Bitter sa SMART says:

    stupid Telcos here in the Phil stupid plans bitter here.

  5. Ry says:

    Not a Smart Choice afterall, And they knew that people using Smartphones communicate oftenly using Chat apps thats why they make all of its data offer “consumbles” to monetize from it, The more you likely use it, the higher you’ll gonna pay. Its not about network congestion, it all about MONEY.

  6. IanM says:

    No way!!! They make you pay an inflated price for the phone, and lock you in for 30 months. Where’s the incentive here? FYI, people are not freakin stupid Smart. We all have calculators. We can compare. There was a time it was hard to choose between the two Telcos’ offer (then again they might be colluding). This ruined the brand for me.

  7. kuyanyan says:

    Another computation comparing this new plan with Delta Plan 3500 from Smart Infinity.

    If you want a phone with your Plan, remember that you’ll be paying for your phone on top of your plan FOR THE WHOLE 30 month period. For an iPhone 7 128GB, a 7 Plus 32GB, that’s an additional P2000 every month FOR 30 months. Just compute that for a minute and you’ll see that instead of a subsidy, you get charged a whole lot more for the phone compared to their SRP. If you’re going to choose Postpaid Plan 1499, you’ll be paying 3499 for months. At that point, you might be better off subscribing to Smart Infinity. Their Delta 3500 has 40GB data allocation (more than twice the 18GB allocation of Postpaid Plan 1499), unlimited texts, 450 minutes on-net calls + 300 off net calls (compared to the paltry 60 minutes of calls on Postpaid Plan 1499). With Delta 3500, you can get an S7 or a 32GB iPhone 7 for free (24 months) or an S7 Edge if you opt for a 30 month contract. If you want a 128GB iPhone 7 or 7 Plus, the cash out is still a reasonable amount.

    You can even compare Postpaid Plan 2999 to Delta Plan 3500. Delta Plan 3500 has a shorter contract period, similar data allocation, more than twice or thrice the voice allocation, and a free phone.

  8. Kwentology says:

    A worst plans that is so expensive.

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