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Sony to release 4K-Resolution CMOS image sensor for security cameras

Sony has announced the upcoming release of IMX585, a 1/1.2-type 4K-Resolution CMOS image sensor for their upcoming security cameras.

Alongside superior HDR imaging performance, they will also come fully equipped with Sony’s proprietary “STARVIS 2” sensor technology, which can deliver an increase of approximately 8 times the dynamic range (HDR at 88db) and 1.7 times the sensitivity in the near-infrared range compared to their previous models.

According to Sony, the built-in “STARVIS 2” technology will use a back-illuminated pixel technology that will allow more light to come through the sensor as compared to the standard front-illuminated variants. By leveraging this high-precision image sensor, Sony is set to achieve a more reliable and accurate surveillance camera that is flexible to a diverse set of environmental conditions – even in extreme low-light.


Likewise, it will also integrate a more superior AI image processor that will be more reliable in capturing high-quality images in densely populated areas or places with fast-moving objects, contributing to safer and more accurate surveillance for its consumers.

In addition, the company also plans to launch IMX662, a 1/3-type 2K resolution image sensor employing “STARVIS 2” to deliver an 88 dB dynamic range in a single exposure. The samples are scheduled to be made available for shipment within this year.

Source: Sony

This article was written by Paula Candelaria.

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