Tulfo to launch own e-commerce platform

Tulfo to launch own e-commerce platform

Raffy Tulfo is expected to launch his Idol Shopping Network (ISN), the local version of Shopee and Lazada.

Photo credits: Idol Shopping Network

According to a report from PhilStar, Tulfo mentioned that this is his way to ensure that merchants and resellers deliver quality goods. “Our merchants and resellers are well-screened,” Tulfo stated. “The selection process is long and strict. Sending a photo of the item for sale isn’t enough. We must see the item itself,” he added.

The broadcaster promises to welcome buyer complaints about ISN products as soon as the network officially opens this month.

Photo credits: Raffy Tulfo in Action on YouTube

Moreover, Tulfo stated that customers must sign a contract saying they agree to be videoed and photographed while opening the courier package to guarantee the client’s satisfaction. Additionally, they must also sign a document that says the product is the right one and is in good condition. Otherwise, the client need not pay for the said order package. The broadcaster also revealed that the client’s video and photos would automatically go to a system.

During its press conference, the platform has been mentioned to offer various products under different categories, namely Idol Products, Health and Beauty, Fresh, and Electronic Devices.


Photo credits: Raffy Tulfo in Action on YouTube

Based on the report, what inspires Tulfo to put up ISN is his experience concerning the masses who run to him to seek justice. Thus, Tulfo thought of opening a virtual market for small entrepreneurs like vegetable farmers and fruit vendors.

Tulfo emphasized that his e-commerce platform gives opportunities for zero capital. Sellers need to put their goods, and if the merchandise passes quality control standards, ISN will include them and deliver the goods to buyers.

Meanwhile, Tulfo’s long-term plan is to subsidize a school out of the platform’s profits. On the other hand, the earnings will lead to such basic expenses, including employee pay, maintenance, and others.

Tulfo’s children will be in the front row to run ISN. Idol Shopping Network is set to open this month officially.

Sources: PhilStar, Raffy Tulfo in Action

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