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Compaq 511 makes an affordable entry

My first branded notebook that I bought several years ago was a Compaq Presario that I got for over Php60k. Today, the Compaq brand seems to be relegated by HP for entry-level categories and SMBs. The Compaq 511 is one such model.

This 14.1″ (1366×768 pixel resolution) laptop is powered by an Intel Core 2 Duo T5870 running at 2.0GHz with 2GB of DDR2 RAM. Video graphics is supplied by ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4330 with 256MB DDR2 dedicated VRAM.

For connectivity, it has a Broadcom 802.11 b/g WiFi but the Bluetooth is optional. It’s got a 250GB Western Digital HDD and a DVD+RW drive with Lightscribe. The integrated webcam has 2MP resolution.

The unit weighs about 2.27kg (5lbs) with a 6-cell battery which is good for at least 3 hours on a single charge. The Compaq 511 retails for about Php30,990 in stores with Windows 7 Starter pre-installed. That’s pretty close to the Core i3 offerings by MSI we featured here earlier.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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37 Responses

  1. Juneau says:

    woah, 30k for that… hmm i think that is cheap. although i could find similar specs in Singapore for a much less price.

  2. Okay na rin, pro dami talgang pagpipilian sa ganitong price.

    Do you have some TOSHIBA Camelio shooters there for some reviews? Especially ung S20. Hope you have some full HD and HD war for camcorders! :D

  3. kiddo says:

    HP compaq disappoints me with their overheating problems.. my presario v3000series gets extremely hot! reaaaallly hot, my laptop shuts itself down!

  4. @kiddo
    better don’t put it on your laps. i can’t imagine how many cells would die on that heat.
    pinetrail or iCore lang yang katapat nyan.lolz

  5. roma says:

    I agree on the overheating issue on Compaq laptops. My Compaq’s startup cpu temp is like 2x higher compared to my bro’s acer. It can’t even play 720p short clips without overheating.

  6. kiddo says:

    @roma: true. true.

  7. matfrancisco says:

    i can testify to the overheating issue of HP Compaq because i myself is a Compaq laptop own. i’ve been using my machine for almost 4 years and for the past 2 years my computer shuts down automatically when playing high res videos, play some games and use processor hungry application.

    but you can’t beat the price of compaq laptops. i hope HP has already resolve the overheating problems of their compaq laptops.

  8. Jhay says:

    I’ve been using an HP Compaq laptop for two years now and the overheating problem has finally forced me to buy a cooling pad from CD-R King last March.

  9. mcv says:

    It’s cheap, but there are too many compromises… Windows 7 starter? No 802.11n wifi? Also, they could’ve gone with integrated graphics to boost that battery life… But I think this will be a popular choice among those who don’t want a netbook.

  10. Gams says:

    Nice specs…But, personally, I like the performance of my Acer aspire 4730Z. After more than a year,I never encountered problems.

  11. Dr. Jesus says:

    Dahil nga sa overheating imbes na sa lap ipatong ni Abe eh sa damuhan na lang ipinatong. Hehehe!

  12. Edgar says:

    Flash: Compaq is on to a new line: “grasstop” series of notebooks. Inspiration from @Dr. Jesus, and tested by sir Abe there. Haha!

  13. Adrian says:

    Yes indeed. The problem of the Compaq is overheating.

  14. nonieblau68 says:

    medyo mura lang ang pagka sulat ni sir abe sa price ng c.p.511 na 30,990.00? sa pc express online medyo mahal ang price nito sa c.p.511 (35,990.00) a difference of 5k? that’s too much to pc express. whew…

  15. screen size that goes beyond the 12inch mark is already a defeat for mobility purpose for me. but that is just me. they used to churn out really nice design laptops but i was wishing they would release a 12inch variant soon.

  16. Frenchy says:

    Oh, i was already considering to get one but after reading the comments here about heating problems, wag na lang. The contents and feedbacks here are really helpful. Thanks.

  17. ciL says:

    which is better? Core2Duo or the new Corei3?

  18. rcsaint says:

    Hi Frenchy…u look delicious in your avatar..mwuah!

  19. Lolo Tasyo says:

    @abe: hijo, I have a Compaq 510 that I’m testing right now. Intel Core Duo T5870 @2GHz, 1GB of RAM, 32-bit OS Windows 7 Starter. Mukhang yung pangalan lang ang naiba, grabe din ang heating problem nya.

    Also, it’s a full-size notebook, but built like a netbook — ugly hinges. Made in China ito. How about your 511?

    The display is quite nice, however.

  20. Emo22 says:

    Sir abe, can u be so kind to review cq40 series. Un lang kc ang line ups na pinakamura, at affordable for a poor boy like me! Hehe

  21. RaGe Einzeln says:

    i believe cq40s have problems with LCD…i really like compaq but then it declined when i discovered that issue

  22. Guyz.. Is anyone owns this model of compaq? I’m
    planning to buy this one… Is this model good in terms of durability? cause I prefer more on durability. Is all compaq brand overheating?? Or just this model? Please reply…thank you

  23. Guys give me alternative buys(brand/model) but the same specs with this and price thankss!

  24. LukeCoolLuks says:

    If you have the time and do the legwork, you can find somebody selling this for less than the price mentioned above. I bought mine for less than Php 29,000. There’s heat but nothing alarming yet compared to my previous laptop na talagang nakakapaso kahit MS Office lang ang tinatakbo ko.

    Then again, I am not that intense a user. Will let you know if my 511 melts down.

  25. dredda says:

    …i owned a compaq presario,,and it trulaluu about the overheating issue…haay,,,i thought i was the only one who experienced that thing…

  26. malik2 says:

    YEah. i just bought a hp compaq presario 511 3 days ago. Room temperature here in iligan city range 31-37. Normally 35oC. Im afraid of internal burn out because according to my hp manual, its working temperature must be between 0oC up to 35 degrees celsius. Quiet alarming! so I ain’t open them without turning on the aircon.

  27. kram05 says:

    i bought hp compaq 511 2 months ago okay nman sya nasa gumagamit din ksi yan eh! ska mas mganda talaga kung may cooler para mas okay mura lang naman cooler eh! mganda nman compaq 511 my problem lng ako pag nanunuod ako ng video or naglalaro ako ng games endi sya full screen

  28. Mafe says:

    Hey guys! hope you can help me to decide what to choose. actually im planning to buy HP compaq 511 this monday and i also like Acer aspire 4730Z so aun po.. nde anu kaya ang maganda?? ko alam na heating problem pala ang compaq..

  29. magz says:

    i’ve ordered hp compac 511 before i got on this review. so, overheating pala ang problem. tama, ipatong ko na lang sa kaldero na may rice para save na’ko sa gas. bago pa man mag shut down, me kanin na ko. lol…

  30. renier bajala says:

    I got my 511 just this day. I’ve tried it for hours but not experiencing overheating. cant even feel heat on my lap. why is that?

  31. Gerry Lanuza says:

    I had used Compaq CQ40 for a year. I did not experience overheating. Probably because it’s only dual core. The processor of 511 is core2 duo. I even turn it on overnight for downloading movies via broadband. In the morning (I took off the battery) it’s not alarmingly hot. Grabe siguro yong mga applications na ginagamit ng iba. The only thing I will not let go of my Compaq is: the altec lansing speakers are great!

    But if 511 overheats, I’m buying Asus 1201N.

  32. mel mercado says:

    hi guys.. im selling my compaq 511, the very same model featured in this article.. i bought it last july of this year.. my asking price is 28k negotiable.. im also adding my globe broadband pre-paid kit for free! kindly look for me at facebook: mel mercado and leave a msg for interested buyers or just respond to this post.. tnx..

  33. rendegz says:

    nice yung compaq 511,,,, cuz it can be used in autocad just what i have

  34. Eric Gal says:

    compared to performance, which is better Compaq511 or HP 44305? Thanks.

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