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MSI Wind U160 promises 15-Hour Battery

MSI has released a couple of new netbooks with upgrades to the Pine Trail Atom N450 processor, including the cheap and re-freshed Wind U130 and the Wind U135 — but the most intriguing is this slim MSI Wind U160 with 15 hours of battery life.

How that 15-hour battery life was achieved with a 6-cell pack is still a big question. Nevertheless, even if real-world tests gives it just 8 hours, that’s already something.

MSI Wind U160

10″ screen @ 1024×600 pixels
Intel Atom N450 @ 1.66GHz
Intel GMA 3150
WiFi 802.11 b/g/n
Bluetooth 2.1
1.3MP webcam
SD Card reader

From the specs sheet alone, I cannot see the difference between the MSI Wind U160 and the MSI Wind U135 except for some design and color option. Although if you look closely, the U160 is much thinner at 19.8-25.4m compared to the U135 at 19 to 31.5mm.

Maybe that’s why the U160 is more expensive by Php2,000 with a suggested retail price of Php23,990.

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18 Responses

  1. ryan says:

    Wow…if you could some actual hands on the device and say it can reach 13 hours no problem, I’ll buy this baby in a minute…or December :)

  2. Logo Design says:

    I just bought the eeepc 1005P thinking it had the longest battery among all netbooks! Should have waited for this one…

    Cant wait to see how real life battery test of this compares to the eeepc (I’ve had mine run for 8+ hours doing just typing work)

  3. Anthony says:

    Did you already test these 15 hours of autonomy because you say : “Nevertheless, even if real-world tests gives it just 8 hours, that’s already something.”

    It is just like that or it is a real test ?


  4. Calvin says:

    we need to put that into test abe. maybe it has some advanced power management options. :P or the battery has a high rating for a 6-cell.

  5. better than the Nokia Booklet 3G. coz of the price difference =D heheh..anyways, NB3G is not yet available here

  6. @bi3L says:

    I don’t think the difference in dimension will justify the difference in price, since most people are more to performance of the unit.

  7. Jon says:

    Great price! The only problem is the “weak” processor aka Atom. But I’m sure a lot of people would exchange speed for longer battery time.

  8. Jhay says:

    There’s always a trade-off with the kind of notebooks and netbooks that are coming out these days. It’s either you loose battery life for a powerful processor, or almost get a great deal but only to realize Bluetooth is unavailable.

  9. guyrony says:

    hey, I would buy the cheaper one if the only difference is the thinness. 2k would be bought for an 8GB USB drive.hehehe.

  10. hey, this is already good for me.. =)

  11. hublon says:

    This is really cool! I’ve been planning to buy a netbook and this could be the best time to get one. 15 hours battery life is simply awesome and very enticing!

  12. hubes says:

    is this really 2g ram? other atom n450 have only 1 gig.

  13. Cua says:

    What applications/sofwatres can I use with these netbooks? can I install Adobe PS, DW, Fl etc?

  14. jab says:

    @cua – it can run those apps but don’t expect it to be blazing fast… and it’s not going to be easy because you generally need better resolutions for image editing etc….

  15. Mike Lopez says:

    So… anyway tested this yet? I sure hope they didn’t mean 1.5 hours. Hehehe.

  16. Faust says:

    I was just wondering how did they cramp up 15 hours battery life on an 6 cell battery? though it needs to be tested rigorously to prove otherwise….

  17. nev says:

    the actual battery protrudes at the back of the laptop and its ugly. good thing i didn’t buy this just yet. i was about to buy today, whew!

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