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New AMD naming scheme for mobile processors unveiled

Because of the release of new processor categories for 2023 which are Mendocino – which focuses on feature-rich notebooks and Dragon Range for top-tier gaming, it prompts AMD to create a new naming scheme to properly recognize their mobile processors.

Amd New Model Numbers For 2023+ Mobile Processors (1)

All 2023+ mobile processors of AMD will be named based on their new naming system. Based on the image above from AMD, the new naming is composed of the Portfolio Year, Segment, Architecture, Feature isolation, and Form Factor/TDP.

Portfolio Year: To tell the model year of the processor (e.g. 7 is for 2023, 8 is for 2024)
Segment: Help customers to see right away the performance or market segment
Architecture: To tell customers the processor’s Zen version
Feature Isolation: A concession to architectures like “Zen 3” versus “Zen 3+
Form Factor/ TDP: To show the multiple design categories across Windows and Chromebook

Below is the preview of the naming system applied to AMD’s planned products for 2023. As shown below, AMD is expected to have 5 different markets/segments using different SoCs.

Amd New Model Numbers For 2023+ Mobile Processors (2)

As clarified by AMD, they’re not planning to change the general numbering system that they’ve used since the AMD Ryzen 1000 series.

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