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Canon 7D leaked, EOS 6D skipped?

Photos and specs of the upcoming Canon EOS 7D has been leaked and proving to be some kick-ass mid-range DSLR. Why the EOS 6D label has been skipped is understandable.

The rumored 7D can shoot still photos up to 8 frames per second and will have an ISO range from 100 to 6400 and a special 12800 ISO mode. It has an 18 megapixel sensor and dual DIGIC 4 processors.

canon 7d

The dSLR comes with a 3-inch LCD display and will have the full 1080p HD recording inherited from the 5D, according to Engadget.

If you’re wondering that a Canon 6D should be out first before the 7D, the number 6 connotes bad luck and even if the Japenese aren’t that superstitious, most Chinese might not buy a camera that has the number 6 labeled in it.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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14 Responses

  1. deuts says:

    The lenses in the picture are upcoming also? I’m just wondering they are EF-S and 7D is supposed to be a full frame camera.

  2. bertsan531 says:

    wow nice specs..maybe this dslr migth cost a fortune

  3. desmond says:

    wow 7D Dried Mangoes i luurrve it! hahaha

  4. jdGONEMAD says:

    maka-canon ka talaga master yuga. wala ba nikon jan? hehehehhehe

  5. Specifications and more images can be found over here:


  6. Would be nice to get info on Nikon to Mr. Yuga… Thanks.

  7. valdimir delacruz says:

    Isn’t 6 lucky its in the very auspicious “168” combination after all. I know “4” to be unlucky among the Chinese and Japanese because it is pronounced the same as the word “death” in both languages.

  8. Alan says:

    From what I hear the 7D will not be a full frame camera but will have a crop of 1.45 so a Aps-c sensor with a bit better resoloution.

  9. Raven says:

    Valdimir was right… “6” is 0ne of d luckiest #. Its “4” that is bad f0r them… Same reas0n why n0kia d0nt release a unit with 4 in it. And why LG’s ch0colate 4 is criticized because of d 4th black label LG, BL40 f0r the name, 4th ch0c0late series and d l0oks…uggh! M0re like a c0ffin than a f0ne t0 me.

  10. jdGONEMAD says:

    bad ba ang #4 sa chinese/japanese?

    bakit sa basketball, ang team captain nila always jersey #4? reference: Slam Dunk Anime ..

  11. JohnLloy says:

    LOL @ 7D mango ahaha

  12. Mua'Dib says:

    It’s actually the number “7” that’s bad luck for both Japanese and Chinese numerology as it is read in both languages as “chi”, meaning “death”.

  13. Between me and my wife we’ve had more digital cameras over the years than I can count, including many different Canons, Coolpixes, Samsungs, Nikons and many more types. But, the last few weeks I’ve settled down to one line of photo cameras. Why? Ofcourse I was satisfied to take take notice of how well-designed and fun the underrated (and widely mocked) Canon EOS Rebel T2 actually is. With it I have been able to take the most great photos. That’s all I wanted to tell, hope you have a wonderful day and make sure to photo some stunning photos!

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