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Canon Powershot D10: Submarine Edition

Among the dozens of new P&S cameras that Canon Philippines introduced yesterday, the Powershot D10 attracted the most curiosity. And no, it’s not because it looked like a submarine of sorts.

Actually, the Canon Powershot D10 can be considered as a submersible since you can bring it on a diving trip up to a depth of 10 meters (33 ft). =)

canon powershot d10

This 12.1 megapixel camera is waterproof, freeze-proof and shock-proof. It’s cold-resistant between 14-104°F and can survive a 4 feet drop (not too high but a reasonable height). The lens is re-enforced with a steel/aluminum alloy to protect it from shattering during a fall.

canon powershot d10

There’s a large high-tension cord that crews into the sides of the camera. Canon also included a number of face-plates you canchoose from.

canon powershot d10

We challenged the Product Manager to a drop test which he willingly obliged.

canon drop test
They did not give any price for this but it’s already listed in Canon USA for $330.

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16 Responses

  1. heyru says:

    wow! that’s really astig!

  2. Bob Reyes says:

    Too bad, I already got an Olympus µ[mju:] 1050SW http://www.villman.com/Product-Detail/MJU1050_SW

  3. manilenio says:

    this is great for snorkeling :)

  4. Ruel Penaloza says:

    When that will be available in the Philippines?
    How much do you think it will be?

  5. pipink19 says:

    its actually 20k – 18k, too bad i bought e1, the pink canon… hehehe… but i want this so bad, its gonna be included in my xmas list… :)

  6. pg14 says:

    hi tinignan ko sa henrys camera website available daw itong d10 kaso bakit hindi nila pinopost yung price? how much kaya ito sa hidalgo quiapo

  7. c0oki3witch says:

    21k s henrys

  8. Jesson ramiro says:

    Good day Sirs/ Madams, need help in deciding between the olympus tough vs canon d10. Current market price for the olympus tough 8000 is around 25k and the powershot d10 is at 18,995 ( canon outlet). But beyond the price, need to know thier performances in the field. Current head to head performance test found in the net were based on laboratory scenarios: ( bathtubs,sinks etc). I hope someone can share thier real life use and experiences of the olympus tough 8000 and canon powershot d10. Thanks and more power.

  9. rmisa says:

    This experience from my Canon D10 is as of April 8, 2010.

    As Canon announced that they will be releasing a waterproof camera, me and my boyfriend got so excited about it. So we pre-ordered it from Amazon as early as May 2009.
    We got the product by June 11,2009.
    It is one of the first batches of D10.
    Now, we are not pretty sure if what had happened to our precious D10 is a manufacturer’s defect.

    We were able to use it in our trips:
    JUNE – 4 days 3 nights at the shower, bathtub, beach, fresh water pool, etc., with water activities such as snorkeling, etc.
    JULY – then another 3 days 2 nights at the beach, with much rougher water activities, more underwater shots, snorkeling…
    DECEMBER – 4 days 3 nights with cave tour with water in it, trekking, swim into falls, fog fog fog in the mountains with cold temp.
    MARCH – another island hopping for 2 days 1 night…
    and alot of dry conditions…
    so this camera lasted us almost 9 months.

    when i was about to use it in an overnight swimming at a chlorined pool with some friends, we were able to use it in the shower, took 3 shots, jumped to the pool and took 3 shots, then while i was manipulating the buttons for the settings, it suddenly shut off.
    so i unplunged, wiped my hands and the camera, i looked at the 2 seals it had, completely and perfectly sealed.
    i decided to open the seal that contains the battery and MMC, it is dry.
    then i opened the seal that has the AV ports, what can i say, it has water in it…it leaked in short.

    i was shocked about this.. i cant believe it did… my dreams all fell *joke!*…

    the following morning i went to a local canon store here and bought a new one…. for assurance, i also bought a DICAPAC or a waterproof case made for digital cameras.

    i emailed canon usa, since it was bought there, they asked us to mail it them, so most likely we will be able to mail it to them on june, i am in south east asia right now and my boyfriend in central asia, hopeful for a replacement when we both return to the US in june, this time using our new and 2nd Canon d10, newest batch (since the saleslady mentioned the camera just arrived to them the day before my purchase… does that have to relieve me?) for another island tour…Yatta!

    an important advice given to me by the store owner where i bought DICAPAC, that after use of these waterproof cameras, WASH THEM IN FRESH WATER (all seals closed of course)… PAT IT DRY IN CLOTH… USE A BLOWER (hair blower is fine) TO DRY THE SEALS (both open and closed seals, be sure hands and camera are dry and no more traces of water droplets whatsoever)…
    since chlorine and salt water eventually corrodes these WP seals…

    as a best option when doing more dipping of the WP cameras in water, protect it with underwater cases.
    handling of the camera with wet hands would not require the case… just if you will use it UNDERWATER…

    sharing the photos of the mishaps of my D10… with the lens flooded by water like it was crying…hahaha! and the moist and water on the LCD… gaaaar…
    even so, me and boyfriend still loves canon… we got loads of canon items from all in one printer to HD vidcam…


    my DICAPAC underwater camera case


  10. Maloy says:

    As much as I would like to buy Canon PowerShot D10, I am hesitating, I just hope this model would not have any problems or at least I could use it for the long time… I bought Olympus 1030SW when it was first launched at 28-29K, I seldom use it for my snorkling (maybe only 5-6 times, I haven’t even tested it from diving 5-10M depth) It just leaked :-( when I was to use it this summer . Consumers won’t even have a protection from leaks of water since it will void the warranty and I think repairing this would cost buying a new one.

  11. pfb says:

    i am also thinking of buying this. i had a 3 y/o canon digicam (ixus 950 is) which has recently broken down from a hard fall.

    i want advise, because i am browsing online for a good camera replacement and d10 is included in my shortlist because it is heavy duty (even if my toddler plays with it no need to worry kung nabagsak), along with powershot sx200 is (due to 12x zoom)

    which one should i choose?

  12. jinky says:

    if you want to have a wide range of creativity get the sx200, consider its zooming capability, if you just need a camera for documentation (mostly) purposes only the get the D10.

  13. Brenna says:

    I want this camera so bad. :(

  14. Irvin Ryan says:

    Is the defective Canon Ixus 950 IS still with you? Are you interested in selling it? Suntok sa buwan to but I’m really trying to get a defective unit (kinda long story). Please contact me thru my email [email protected]


    Sorry for the spam (ish) post. Medyo desperate lang.

    More power to your blog!

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