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Fujifilm unveils the X-E2 and X-Q1 cameras

Fujifilm expands its X-series portfolio with the announcement of two new cameras, the X-E2 and X-Q1 which are slated to replace the X-E1 and X-F1 respectively.


Externally, the X-E2 looks very similar to its predecessor which makes it difficult to differentiate one from the other. It still has the same throwback feel to it and the button layout has remained unchanged.

Most of the improvements can be found underneath its plastic/magnesium alloy body. That includes revamped X-Trans CMOS sensor, EXR II image processor, as well as the Lens Modulation Optimizer (LMO); a feature first seen on the X100S.

Fujifilm X-E2 specs:
16MP X-Trans II CMOS sensor
Sensor Type: APS-C (23.6 x 15.6 mm)
EXR II image processor
Hybrid AF system (Contrast/Phase)
Lens-type Optical Image Stabilization
ISO 200 – 6400
Expandable to ISO 100 and ISO 25600
30 sec. – 1/4000 sec. shutter speed
1/180 Flash-Sync speed
2.36M-dot Electronic Viewfinder
3” Fixed 1.04M-dot LCD
Built-in Flash
Optional External Flash via Hot shoe
1080p video recording @60fps
Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n
RAW + JPEG file format
1200mAh Lithium-Ion battery
Dimension: 129 x 75 x 37 mm
Weight: 350g

Much like its interchangeable lens counterpart, the X-Q1 is fairly similar to its predecessor on paper. It still got the same 25-100mm fixed lens fitted inside its compact body. The most significant enhancement on this camera is inclusion of Wi-Fi to its arsenal, and Fujifilm’s move to replace the sensor with their trademark X-Trans II CMOS sensor.


Fujifilm X-Q1 specs:
12MP X-Trans II CMOS sensor
Sensor Type: 2/3-inch
Hybrid AF system (Contrast/Phase)
Lens-type Optical Image Stabilization
ISO 200 – 12800
30 sec. – 1/4000 sec. shutter speed
3” Fixed 922K-dot LCD
Built-in Flash
1080p video recording @60fps
Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n
RAW + JPEG file format
NP-48 Lithium-Ion battery
Dimension: 100 x 59 x 33mm
Weight: 206g

The Fujifilm X-E2 will retail for USD1,399 which includes an 18-55mm 2.8-4 kit lens. You can also get without the lens for USD999. The X-Q1, on the other hand, will be sold for USD499.

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This article was written by Ronnie Bulaong, a special features contributor and correspondent for YugaTech. Follow him on Twitter @turonbulaong.

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2 Responses

  1. Steph Davis says:

    Fuji does a great job on the X line. Apart from the stylish retro design, they’ve been working hard on image quality. I own an X20 camera and am very happy with its ease of use, fast lens and handy controls. Image quality is perfect for my purposes too. Selecting a camera totally depends on your purpose. I don’t do editing on my X20 and so pixel-peeping doesn’t become an issue. When I need that, I use my DSLR.

    But the new X cameras look great. I have seen sample images issued by Fuji, but I’d would wait and see actual hands-on reviews and image samples when the cameras come to market.

    My Fuji X20 review: http://savvyreviewer.com/fujifilm-x20-camera-review

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