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Sony Ericsson c905 sports 8.1MP Camera

The c905 wants to be a digital camera than a phone. At 8.1 megapixels, this camera phone has a Xenon flash, face detection and image stabilization.

So far this is the only camera with the highest MP in tow (only one beyond the 5MP range). It’s got more camera photo and video features than phone features.

sony ericsson c905


With all that MP we’re talking about, the C905 Cyber-shot comes in with a 2GB Memory Stick Micro (M2). The screen is 2.4” scratch-resistant mineral glass display. You can send your photos wirelessly from your phone to the TV via Wi-Fi (using DLNA), or connect with wires using the TV-Out Cable ITC-60.

3G/HSDPA (on some regions)
8.1 megapixel camera
Xenon flash
Auto focus
Face detection
Image stabilizer
Red-eye reduction
Digital zoo, up to 16x
Photo flash/Photo light
Video light/Video recording/Video stabilizer
PictBridge printing
Bluetooth stereo (A2DP)
3D games
FM radio
Video calling
Email/Exchange ActiveSync
Instant messaging
GPS and aGPS

The C905 Cyber-shotâ„¢ will be available in three colors (Night Black, Ice Silver and Copper Gold) in selected markets from 4th quarter of 2008. There are no details what type of lens is used or what’s the size of the sensor but I’m guessing it’s gonna be the usual Carl Zeiss optics as well.

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36 Responses

  1. Kenneth says:

    I wonder how much would this unit cost?

  2. Yoe says:

    Probably expensive (20-30k?) but seems to be worth it..Id still wait for the xperia though..

  3. Does the Video Call feature means that this thing has 3G or HSDPA? If so, then this will be a very good gadget for bloggers. Imagine an 8.1 megapixel cellphone camera to shoot any subject for some posts you’ll be making…

  4. jhay says:

    *low whistle* This is a Cyber-shot camera that grew a keypad and phone capabilities.

    8.1MP?! It’s higher than the Nikon D40’s!

  5. yuga says:

    @Pinoy Apostolic, forgot to add there’s 3G/HSDPA support for the DE c905.

    @jhay, would be interesting to know what lens they used for this one.

  6. Wow, this would be great for blogger enthusiasts. I mean, imagine having a good camera everywhere you go so that you can take pictures at the right moment… this is definitely going into my vision board.


  7. GeoRge says:

    I’m using an SE K800i (one of the best camera phones in previous years if i’m not mistaken). Seeing this unit is making me drool. Only wish my salary was worth more. Hehe.

  8. If I can have enough money I will buy this phone. Im currently using Sony Ericsson k800i. I wish its not like the k850i.

  9. leejon says:

    Carl Zeiss has a 25 years contract to nokia.

    sad to say sony ericsson cant produce camphone using carl zeiss lens

    S.E. C905

    F/2.8 / 5.91mm Focal Length ( This is a new Lens COmpared to 5.2mm of k800/k810/k850)

  10. bryz says:

    Does anyone know when this phone will be available in the Philippines, specifically Bacolod City?

  11. bikran says:

    I love to have this ..i wish someone will gift me that surely it will be expensive ….and i will surely create new blog for this device ..as i already have one blog for my nokia n95.

  12. Alladz says:

    WOW! It’s nice to hear that sony ericsson was ivade the philippines and defeat nokia… hm, sad to say…Actually I’ved using w6i0i, p910i, and t650i all of this are great specially in photos, not only a cyber shot sony ericsson phones, but all of sony ericsson.. hmm.

  13. Ice 9 Web says:

    wow yugatech i didn’t know you have a post like this nagresearch lang ako sa internet to know more about the phone memory capacity and i saw your site

    i have my own post kasi i was searching for a cybershot phone with wifi in the market (^_^)

  14. Kei says:

    Specifically what month will it be launched in the Philippines? And how much will it be?

  15. ehm says:

    ill die to get one of this..when will this be launch here in the philppines?im really excited to use one of this..awww..cant wait..

  16. Kj Malc says:

    I’ll wait for this Ti’l Dec. by the way I owned P1 but still I want fon with Hi MP camera though P1 stll decent nowadays, of course I like P1 it’s faster interface response than P990i.

  17. faye says:

    how much is this?!

  18. risch says:

    when can it be released hir in phil.? and hhow much is this? i am excited to have this phone….

  19. Kristine says:

    This unit costs Php31K, quite expensive huh! My hubby already bought X1 and it is very expensive too… Php42K. I wish the price of this unit will plunge down by next year.

  20. iamsinned06 says:

    brand new SE C905 cost PhP 29,990 in SM Davao.
    but there’s a 25K tag in some cellphone shops in davao city (victoria plaza, GMall, etc,) and i guess they’re recon.

  21. Dex says:

    OH !!!!!!!!!!!
    my cousin has a SE c905!!!!!
    huhuhu.. im so jealous!!!!
    I only have an k800i but i think its ok…
    i want it bad!

  22. Rarufu Roorenz says:

    I already have that…

    in order for you to enjoy SE C905, you must have an internet connection in your own house. and you should also purchase the wifi device so that your phone could connect to the internet…

    Luckily, I already have an internet wifi here in my house. do not worry coz linksys will only cost 3,500 more or less in peso.

    it was just a fact for you, so that you could enjoy this magnificent CAMERAPHONE much better…

    I dont have regrets on my phone so far except my LOAD.. ^_^

  23. lyra says:

    ahmm i want to buy k800i..
    how much is the cost of this unit now???

  24. lyra says:

    pls contact me on this number pls 09104618336

  25. paola says:

    how much does it cost?

  26. gerz says:

    is it available in bicol? where in bicol and how much?

  27. kisuroidachi says:

    Hmm,, I have that cellphone, Mabilis sya sa mga wifi hot spot area’s :D

  28. kisuroidachi says:

    @Paola hmm,, i buy it 27k :O

  29. miaflynn says:

    i have that one!!! a great great cellphone.. =)

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