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Amazon’s Kindle will soon support EPUB format ebooks

EPUB support for the kindle will soon be a reality, kind of.

Over the past years, the EPUB format has been the most common e-book format, and Amazon’s Kindle the most popular e-reader. However, over the past years, Kindles have only been able to support a limited number of file types. Most notably, MOBI and AZW which was based on the MOBI file format created by Mobipocket. Other formats supported are PDF, JPG, DOC, HTML, and TXT. But for those who have tried using these file types on kindles, the reading experience can be quite lackluster.

But now, it seems that Kindles will now be supporting the EPUB format, in a sense. It was first noticed by the Good E-Reader that all modern Kindle e-readers will now be adding support for the most common ebook format, EPUB. As it was noticed through Amazon’s recently updated Send to Kindle documentation which revealed that it will support EPUB by the end of the year.

Although it would seem that it would support this by using the Send to Kindle function by converting EPUB files into KF8(AZW3) files. Which isn’t technically supporting EPUB natively but is nonetheless a welcome addition for users.

And if you’re like me, this new feature will make life just a little easier by eliminating the need to convert EPUB files yourself. Sadly, however, another upcoming change was revealed that its Kindles will no longer be supporting the Send to Kindle function for MOBI files.

What do you think of Kindle’s finally supporting ebooks in the EPUB format? Let us know your thoughts and opinions down below!


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