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Microsoft is revamping again Windows 11’s Photos app

Microsoft already updated Windows 11’s Photos app last year to match the look and feel of Windows 11, but Microsoft isn’t done improving it again.

Photos app Icon

The new update of the Photos app will be rolling out to Windows Insiders in their Dev Channel. It means that not all insiders will receive the update but Microsoft is planning to increase its rollout over time as they receive feedback. This new update gives a new ‘photos-managing experience’

The upgrade introduces a gallery, streamlining browsing, locating, managing, and consuming your photo collection. Additionally, it delivers a “Memories” experience, good experiences on Windows devices, and simple photo backup with OneDrive.

Improved Photos app A

Here are some things for Insiders to try with this Photos app update based on a post in the Windows Insider Blog:

  • Organize your photos with a productive and beautifully redesigned purpose-built experience.
  • Easily backup your Photos to OneDrive and keep your memories safe.
  • Celebrate a life well-lived with improved “Memories” experiences.
  • Be productive with multi-window and multi-screen.
  • Easily view your OneDrive storage quota usage and add more storage.
  • Import and manage your photos from external sources such as your phone and camera.

Improved Photos app B

The Photos app experience will be replaced by this update (available for versions 2022.31090.16004.0 and higher). This year, Microsoft launched Clipchamp, a new video editor designed to make creating videos on Windows. The new Photos app experience no longer includes the traditional Video Editor because Clipchamp is outfitted with all the fundamental tools you’d expect, such as trimming and splitting, as well as more professional-style features, like transitions and animated text. The old Photos app will still be accessible in the Microsoft Store if you wish to stick with it.

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