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Smart officially launched Deezer in the country

Today, Smart Communications Inc. has formally announced their exclusive partnership with Deezer; a web-based music streaming service which originated from Paris, France.

Smart and Deezer entered a “strategic and exclusive partnership” agreement which both companies signed back in the latter part of March. According to the official press release, Smart will benefit from Deezer’s expansive music catalogue which will then solidify their place as a “formidable player in the entire mobile ecosystem.”

During the early stage, Deezer will only be offered to Smart postpaid subscribers, but the MVP-led telco claims that the service will eventually be available for Prepaid subs as well.

Existing Postpaid consumers can sign up for the music streaming by choosing one of three available Deezer packages listed below:

Deezer Daily – Php25
> 1-day access to Deezer Premium+
> 10MB of data allocation for streaming
> 25 SMS


Deezer Weekly – Php125
> 1-week access to Deezer Premium+
> 50MB of data allocation for streaming
> 125 SMS

Deezer Monthly – Php250
> 1-month access to Deezer Premium+
> 100MB of data allocation for streaming
> 250 SMS

Meanwhile, prospective Smart Postpaid subscribers can automatically include Deezer Premium+ on their subscription by choosing one of the three new UnliSurf Premium Plans. Below are the monthly allocations of each of these postpaid plans:

UnliSurf Premium Plan 1175
> Unlimited access to Deezer Premium+
> 99 SMS, 9 Minutes of Voice calls
> Free Sony Xperia M2

UnliSurf Premium Plan 1675
> Unlimited access to Deezer Premium+
> 120 SMS, 60 Minutes of Voice calls
> Free Nokia Lumia 1020

UnliSurf Premium Plan 2175
> Unlimited access to Deezer Premium+
> 200 SMS, 150 Minutes of Voice calls
> Free Samsung Galaxy S5 or Sony Xperia Z2

This article was written by Ronnie Bulaong, a special features contributor and correspondent for YugaTech. Follow him on Twitter @turonbulaong.

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16 Responses

  1. wha™ says:

    what happened to spinnr?

  2. archie says:

    Matagal nang bundled ang deezer sa alcatel phones. Maayos ang streaming at may free mp3s pa.

    Ngayong may tie-up na sila sa Smart sa grooveshark na lang ako.

  3. densns says:

    Wrong timing, kakakuha ko lang ng N1020 7/4.

  4. Oona says:

    Too expensive!! I use spinnr and glad that i only pay P1 a day when i subscribe 7,15,30 day plans

    And then I realize they haven’t been updating the songs recently!!! Now i know why…

  5. spotted says:

    can you compare to globe’s spotify? thanks

  6. spotted says:

    can you make a comparison to globe’s spotify? thanks

    • spotted says:

      thanks for your replies, ill stick with spotify. sana ma improve pa nila ang connection ng globe, yung lang ang limiting factor ng spotify

  7. rob says:

    Spotify has more curated playlists than Deezer. They don’t differ that much on song selection. I just hope Smart can still provide high-quality streaming without buffering once your speeds get throttled.

  8. Ace Azul E says:

    100 mb for one month? Saka 250 sms? Bakit naman ganyan package nila. Parang hindi naman swak para sa service.

    Sana discount na lang from the regular 250 to let’s say 129 (ahem spotify ahem)

  9. franz says:

    99 WEEKLY / 500 MB
    Around 20M songs

    125 WEEKLY / 50 MB
    Around 30M songs

    DEEZER: 2.5 PHP/MB

    Deezer is 10 times more expensive on a weekly basis.

  10. Dicube says:

    the diff is that in Globe Spotify Premium subscription you can play all your playlist even with-out internet or wifi connection.

  11. Ross says:

    does deezer have the capabiltiy to make the songs available offline like spotify?

  12. Mir says:

    just tried Deezer on windows phone with globe. aus lng nmn. ala nga lng premium haha.

  13. Absie Royal says:

    Comparison of monthly plans:

    Deezer Premium
    – P250.00
    – 100MB Deezer data allocation
    – 250 SMS

    Spotify Premium (via GoSurf 299)
    – P299.00
    – 700MB data allocation
    – 1GB Spotify data allocation
    – 0 SMS

    Spotify Premium
    – P129.00
    – Stand-alone premium access

    The GoSurf 299 offer is bang for the buck, especially if you’re on prepaid/do not have a data plan. The Spotify Premium (P129.00) would be the best offer if you have an unlimited data plan, or if you’re on Smart.

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