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Samsung has a 78″ Curved UHD TV painted with Gold

UHD TVs are making a good entry in the market nowadays. They are becoming more affordable compared before and each manufacturer has its own unique addition to make you purchase one. If a Samsung Curved UHD TV is still not enough, why not paint the back with gold?

Gold Uhd Samsung • Samsung Has A 78&Quot; Curved Uhd Tv Painted With Gold

Realme Philippines

The South Korean electronics giant collaborated with South Korean artist Sung Yung Hong to come up with a 78-inch Curved UHD TV. Nope, the high-resolution panel on front is not the star here, but rather the back plate of the TV. It is painted with gold-lacquer that features iconic scenes and well-known characters in television.

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The gold-painted UHD TV is going to be displayed at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center, West Wing Hall, on November 20. The striking piece of art will then be auctioned through Christie’s, an art auction house, for the benefit of Orbis, a global NGO for eye-health.

Via: Uber Gizmo
Source: Virtual Press Police

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7 years ago

Customized back panels for TV’s; that’s something You won’t see everyday… If we can do that to our everyday devices (i.e. Consoles, Smart Phones, & Smart Tablets), then why we cannot customize our favorite TVs to look like art?

7 years ago

Astig, siguradong hindi mananakaw yan. sisirain nalang. hahaha

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