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Convergys Mobile Apply reaches more Filipinos

In order to help more Filipinos earn a living, Convergys has launched an end-to-end solution for those wanting to look for a job in the comforts of their smartphones. Today, it was reported that the company is expecting thousands of applicants more to add to their usual number for this year.


Almost a month ago, Convergys has just launched the ‘Convergys Mobile Apply’. It is an optimized website that can be accessed from any tablet or smartphone (visit careers.convergys.com), with no OS compatibility issues, to give potential employees an easier way of browsing through career opportunities that are currently available.


In an interview today, Jan Sanchez of Convergys said that they would like to engage the ‘passive jobseekers’ that comprise of the 89% of the talent pool in the Philippines. This is why Mobile Apply came to existence. Because of this, an estimated 5,000 applicants are expected to add to the already large number of people interested at being part of Convergys each year.

If we were to ask you, should online application be one of the standards of companies here in the Philippines? Or would you rather the old fashioned way? Share those thoughts below.

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2 Responses

  1. pytz says:

    online application? in this generation why not, that’s what you called convenience..????

  2. john cowan says:

    would u trane someone who dont have experience in being an agent?

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