Philippines among Pornhub's Top 20 Countries in terms of traffic

Philippines among Pornhub’s Top 20 Countries in terms of traffic

Pornhub has recently released their 2015 Year In Review report, showing interesting statistics when it comes to porn viewing habits of countries around the world, including the Philippines.

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According to Pornhub’s Top 20 Countries in terms of Traffic Trends in 2015, the Philippines grabbed the 16th spot, up three spots compared to 2014, and considered by Pornhub as one of the most notable chart climbers next to Japan.

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The report also shows that the Philippines remain in the top spot when it comes to Time Spent Per Visit with an average duration of 12 minutes and 45 seconds. For comparison, the average visit duration worldwide is 9 minutes and 20 seconds.

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As for Top Searches, Maria Ozawa is the most searched for porn star in the country in 2015. The Philippines also has the largest share of female viewers at 35%, up from 34% in 2014.

When it comes to Traffic by Device, smartphones are still the weapon of choice at 60% share, next is desktop at 26%, followed by tablet at 14%.

This article was written by Louie Diangson, Managing Editor of YugaTech. You can follow him at @John_Louie.

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11 Responses

  1. mandirigma says:

    mas maganda pa din sa xvideos manood. hahahaha!

  2. Ronaldq says:

    I’m proud. At least our country is not a “quickie”. :3

  3. RCB says:

    libog talaga ang Pinoy… pati rin Filipina…

  4. Henie says:

    slow internet = slow loading of videos = more time spent on the site

  5. kabebegirl says:


    Proud to be pinoy!

  6. yeeha says:

    Pinoy Pride!

    Manny! Manny! Manny!

  7. Sean says:

    it’s probably because of the internet speed.

  8. abuzalzal says:

    PornHub sucks anyways, puro bitin (ie click here to see the full video) smh

    Sa ako nagpaparaos kasi mas kumpleto doon

  9. Mia Khalifa says:

    Guilty here

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