Bandai revives Tamagotchi, infused with new “features”

Bandai revives Tamagotchi, infused with new “features”

Oh how time really flies! I can’t believe that it’s been nearly two decades since the first version of keychain-sized virtual pet made its debut. And to celebrate its 17th birthday, the Japanese toy company is looking to release the Tamagotchi Friends for today’s youth and young-at-heart.

The Tamagotchi Friends doesn’t differ much from the older version; it still has that iconic egg-shaped design, a small 2D screen and a trio of buttons. On the new model, however, users are given the liberty to choose from “several” (exact count is uncertain) different pets.

tamagotchi friends


Another feature that comes with the new Tamagotchi is the addition of short range communication (NFC perhaps) that allows your pet to interact with other Tamagotchis.

Availability of the Tamagotchi Friends is slated to begin next month with UK fans getting the first dibs followed by the US release on the third quarter of 2014. It’ll be retailed for USD20.

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This article was written by Ronnie Bulaong, a special features contributor and correspondent for YugaTech. Follow him on Twitter @turonbulaong.

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7 Responses

  1. kap.bambi says:

    bibili ako nito, ito lang ang kaya kong bilhin as a squatter

  2. CopyCatDroid says:

    perfect for your inaanak…. ! 4-6 yrs young inaanak.

  3. Benchmark says:

    I think this would be a hit (or miss) since Minecraft is a hit…its a pixle game. :-)

    Maybe it will be a hit…maybe lang ha… :-)

    Alala ko pa we have this lil keychain… And heard alot sa ibang classmates ko hinde daw sila pinatulog nyan kasi nagiiyak. Or kung hinde man, may sakit heheheh

  4. JTC says:

    I’ll buy one. I’ll use while driving. I’ll use it at work…I’ll take care of it…I’ll cry if I lose it.

  5. raindrops says:

    san kaya nabibili? had a pikachu tamagotchi way back 2001 and i really wanna own another…:)

  6. Videos says:

    I would prefer a tamagotchi app than a keychain.

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