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Flip Ultra HD unboxed and tested

We’re able to get our hands on the new Flip Ultra HD and it was only for a couple of days so all I did was unboxed it and tested the recording capability.

The Flip Ultra HD pocket-sized camcorder is a little bulky but works perfectly for video recording.

The interface is pretty simple, straight-forward and easy to understand. Nothing too fancy and gets the job done fast. It also powers-up/boot-up very quick.

It can do 120 minutes of 720p HD video on the 8GB built-in memory. There’s an HDMI port for video output and the device has an attached USB connector when hooking up to the PC and transferring files.

Powering the device are 2 rechargeable AA batteries that recharges when you attach the device to the USB port. Took a short video clip above and uploaded it on YouTube.

Not sure if it’s available locally but this model sells for $199 in the US.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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21 Responses

  1. fr0stbyte says:

    Perfect for those folks who wanna catch something awesome on video to raise their YouTube view counts sky high! That is, of course, for attention hogs. Well, aren’t we all?

  2. choosypinony says:

    I saw this once and is marketed towards web publishing. This is no different than our regular cameras, it’s just lighter, lesser feature, and much much cheaper.

  3. warfab says:

    At $199, the Sony Bloggie MHS-PM5/K would be a better buy since the PM5 can do 1080p.

  4. NemOry says:

    para po ba sa ano to|?hehehehe

  5. StrayArrow says:

    I think too that the Sony Bloggie might be a better buy….. but both I think is not for my wishlist… I am looking for a device that can do a lot of things at a better quality and price. Aren’t we all looking for that? ;-)

  6. Ianmedina says:

    I’m a flip ultra hd user here for 9 months. This device is better than bloggie by sony the stereo audio of this device is awesome unlike any other similar products. Flip ultra hd is the best and it’s selling now for only $169 in the US. Flip ultra uses on 2 AA batteries. So on the go, madali lang palitan. Watchout for the next gen of flip cam.

  7. choosypinony says:

    @strayarrow: i do agree with you. but a device that can do a lot more is already your standard point-and-shoot or camcorder. The webbie, and the bloggie, was/were/are sony’s attempt to get a piece of the low-end camcorder market. So we can’t expect much from these camcorders, they’re meant to be both in the low-end of the feature and price section of the camcorder market. (If you have noticed, Sony’s attempt to name their camera is to really hit that niche of web and blog publishers)

  8. Edwin says:

    my gf wants this gadget because she loves taking short videos…i think it’s cheap and light though i have to agree sony bloggie is a better buy given the price and the features.

  9. Going for Bloggie! AA batteries? wat the heck and the price is $199, maybe $220-230 here.so I will go for PHP 15k Sony Bloggie

  10. Patrick says:

    I don’t like the Bloggie. I’ve been dreaming of getting a Flip since last year. Hope it does come to our shores soon.

  11. KUMAGCOW says:

    DO NOT buy the SONY BLOGGIE… it doesn’t have optical zoom…. it has poorer video quality and have some reported focus troubles… do the math

  12. KUMAGCOW says:

    @patrick it is being sold here already at girlteki.com for around 9495 I think they give discounts for daphneosena.livejournal readers too so give them a call first so they can give you those discounts

  13. Patrick says:

    @KUMAGCOW: Oh yeah, I completely forgot about Daphne’s post. Thanks for reminding me. (Sorry, me and my short term memory.) Daphne’s an avid promoter of the Flip. Yeah, I’m choosing the Flip because I’ve read that it captures the best shots of all cams in this category.

  14. mkbm says:

    Meron na nito dito. Sa Ansons Trinoma. 6k plus lang.

  15. mkbm says:

    Ay yung 6k pala baka flip video ultra lang. Hindi pa HD. O baka flip video mino. Not sure. Basta nakita ko na to sa ansons trinoma months ago na.

  16. Garnet says:

    I’ve seen a stall of Flip at SM Makati, 2nd floor.

  17. tech_roadie says:

    You guys want one? I can ship it to you for P9000. Shoot me an email at [email protected]

  18. tats26 says:

    Hi Guys,

    My friend bought flip ultra HD pero ayaw i-recognized yung cam at but the battery is charging.Read some blogs sa US na puro complains abt the USB port.We also tried downloading the flipshare software kasi we’re using windows xp pero ayaw pa rin.We really need to upload the videos.Pls Help. Baka pwede pa upload na lang sa pc nyo then we will pay na lang. Thanks!

    Shoot me an email for those who are willing to help. =) [email protected]

  19. Choy says:

    Check out girlteki.com they are the official distributors of flip in the Philippines:) iDigiworld:) I like Flip HD better!

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