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Nokia Liquid Phone Concept

The hardest part with transitioning from a phone with a physical keypad to a virtual keypad on a touchscreen phone is the absence of tactile feedback. This Nokia Liquid Phone is a concept phone that tries to address that. See image rendering after the jump.

Conceptualized by Rune Larsen, the Nokia Liquid is designed to have some sort of viscuous substrate or liquid underneath the screen which allows the users to feel when pressed. That means the screen will be a bit on the soft side.

I’m not sure how would that feel like but check out the sample images below:

nokia liquid phone concept nokia liquid phone concept nokia liquid phone concept

The screen will be made with layers of LCD at the bottom, a hard plastic to separate it from the liquid substance and then a softer plastic on top. I guess it’s like pressing on a bubble wrap filled with oil or something.

nokia liquid phone concept

The design looks cool but I wonder how crisp or vivid the text and graphics will turn out to be since it passes thru the liquid layer (unless it’s really that clear or transparent). Hopefully the soft outer layer is made of tough plastic to resist accidental punctured holes thru it {via}.

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2 Responses

  1. Alex says:

    cool…reminds me of my car stereo remote tho lol

  2. Build Shed says:

    I did enjoyed the points shared on this blog. Thanks.

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