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Otterbox Case for the iPhone 5

The very first thing I did after I unboxed the iPhone 5 was to look for an appropriate case for it. Good thing the our friends from Otterbox happens to have one available already.

They immediately sent me the Otterbox Commuter case for the iPhone 5 within the week. The Commuter is the thinner model of the Otterbox line-up but still offers great security/protection to your handset. My concern is really for that aluminum back which is prone to scratches.

For about a week now, I’ve dropped both my original white iPhone 5 and the new black iPhone 5 that I use now. Thise are actually accidental drops 3 or 4 feet above the ground, once on a concrete cement and the other time on a tiled floor.

The case is now available in a variety of colors over at TenkieBox. Sells for Php2,150 each.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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10 Responses

  1. Tae says:

    maganda nga ang design, tatakpan mo naman… ano kaya yun

    • La+ says:

      This. Right On.

    • tae ka says:

      that’s the sad part. sayang ung design but ano magagawa mo? mahal ung phone and gusto mo protectahan lahat naman ng high end phones may case. mapa samsung, htc, sony may case para di magasgas.

    • r41 says:

      What the hell are you people talking about? Right on, you say? So you idiots actually buy smartphones because they “look good”? SMH. You have state of the art silicon housed inside the iPhone and it would be a crime to prioritize the design over the technology!

  2. kanto10 says:

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  3. Marcelino says:

    I’d rather choose a Speck Gemshell, a Moshi iGlaze XT, or an iShield/Zagg so it’s completely covered with a transparent, protective film if ever I’ll get an iPhone 5.

    Sayang naman yung design. Moreover, one of its selling points is its 7.6 mm-‘thick’ body.

    On the other hand, kudos to OtterBox for continuously improving their Series.

  4. fireice2 says:

    So much for the thinner and lighter.

    How much does the otterbox weigh?

  5. wired says:

    Yes OtterBox is good, they are best seller in iPhone casing in Amazon

  6. wreek says:

    Di siya halatang iphone 5 pag hawak muna, parang ipone 4 lang.

  7. Berkanoshow says:

    Jerry Seinfeld remarked that people who have phones with cases should also wear a helmet. :D

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