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The CrunchPad is now the JooJoo Tablet

Formerly dubbed the CrunchPad, a brainchild of TechCrunch, the tablet is now called the JooJoo. The break-up between TechCrunch and their Singaporean partner/manufacturer is another story altogether.

CNet’s got the first look of the new JooJoo by Fusion Garage.




The JooJoo has a 12.1-inch capacitive touch screen with 720p, 1366×768-pixel resolution. You also get a webcam, mic, speakers, USB port and card slot. There’s WiFi of course and a 4GB built-in memory.

With a price tag of $499 and despite the falling off from the TechCrunch brand, will it still be a hit?

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21 Responses

  1. It’s too expensive especially since all you’ll be doing on it is surfing the web. Chandra has promised availability of the SDK but you really have to wonder how many devs will jump on the platform.

  2. Calvin says:

    looks really nice but not practical for most consumers.

  3. berkano says:

    The dell Vostro 13 before this post is actually a more worthy option, unless they bring it down to Kindle prices

  4. I do think people would be jumping all over the joojoo if it was still around the Crunchpad-y price of $299 but ah.. c’est la vie

  5. marvin says:

    parang iphone na pinalaki.. sana magroon din ako nyan. pero yung mas sikat na brand..

  6. daddy joey says:

    mahal nga para sa tablet. :)

  7. Zirdaj says:

    Gamit ko tx2-1011au, convertible tablet pc, mas useable cia kesa dito. Got windows 7 on it, you can do more than browse the web. Sir, maybe you’d like to review that too? Windows 7 Touchpack is fun. :P

  8. Andre Marcelo-Tanner says:

    is this the cheapest tablet available?
    i dont like the whole dilema between the 2, there will be lawsuits

  9. berkano says:

    on second thought, i saw the videos on gizmodo and engadget and it actually worked well. Hopefully they would be able negotiate the prices…

  10. Vance says:

    Let see the lawsuit first hehe..

  11. Aside from WIFI, can we use smartphone as internet modem or usb 3G/HSDPA modem? bluetooth available?

  12. Not practical on any level. :O

  13. Kiko says:

    Whats funny is that if this was apple branded most fanboys would call this cheap. go figure

    if the apple tablet ever gets produced then good luck buying it for $499 :)

  14. Kiko says:

    and if i had the money i would buy this just to screw mike arrington.

  15. Adrian says:

    wow nice ganda po.

  16. Capacitive touch screen means no need for stylus? IMO! Touch screen in Notebook will be heading into tomorrow but better wait for upgrades and better prices in the near future.

  17. Kevin says:

    TechCrunch was only a brand for tech bloggers. Fusion Garage needs a bigger brand to reach out to everyone. This project will fail.

  18. HAK says:

    Where is the link to the back story?
    -Sent via YugaTech Mobile App

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