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Lalamove vs GrabExpress: Which one to use?

Local courier services for peer-to-peer and SMEs are starting to become more and more popular with companies like Lalamove, Ninjavan and also Grab offering same-day delivery courier services for its users. Either as an e-commerce owner or just a regular person sending a package to friends, which exactly is the better service provider for your use case? Today we’ll try to compare the two to know precisely which of these services you should use.

• Lalamove Vs Grab • Lalamove Vs Grabexpress: Which One To Use?



• Lalamove Logo • Lalamove Vs Grabexpress: Which One To Use?

Lalamove is primarily an on-demand, peer-to-peer, same-day delivery company in which you can deliver not only small packages but also heavier packages. Aside from the typical motorcycle, you can request for an MPV (MultiPurpose Vehicle) that can carry up to 300KGs and 600KGs as well as light trucks that can carry anywhere from 1000KG to 2000KG. You may also schedule your deliveries ahead of time. Currently, Lalamove is offered only in Metro Manila and its outskirts.

• Lalamove Options 1 • Lalamove Vs Grabexpress: Which One To Use?

Unlike standard courier services, Lalamove allows you to track the rider real-time and gauge how much time it’ll take for them to arrive. It also adds a layer of protection for both sender and recipient. Lalamove texts you with a unique link that opens in your phone’s browser with the tracker.

The pricing for Lalamove’s delivery is as follows:

Vehicle (Weight Limit)Base Fare (PHP)/Km (PHP)Additional Stop/s (PHP)
Motorcycle (20kg)60840
MPV (300kg)2502050
MPV (600kg)3502550
Light Truck (1,000kg)4803050
Light Truck (2,000kg)2,00020100
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For motorcycle deliveries, Lalamove has additional services that you can use:

Realme Philippines

  • Cash handling (Additional PHP30) – If you’re waiting on payment, and bank deposits aren’t an option, you may want to look into Lalamove’s cash handling. Riders pick up payments from the person who owes money and delivers it to the person who is owed money.
  • Queueing service (Additional PHP 70) – If you need to wait in line to pick up something from a store or establishment, you could book this service, so someone else waits for you. The package is then delivered straight to your doorstep.
  • Round trip (Additional PHP 100) – Pretty much like cash-on-delivery, the rider will go back and forth from sender to recipient and back to the sender.
  • Purchase service (Additional PHP 50) – If you need to purchase something outside but can’t, you can request a rider to buy and deliver it to you. The limit is PHP 2,000, but you could ask the rider if he can shoulder the extra cost if you exceed then reimburse him afterward.

You can check out their pricing here.
You can also download the Lalamove app for free here.



Grab is primarily an on-demand transportation company for the public, but with the rise of demand for same-day package delivery, they also offer GrabExpress with the help of motorcycle owners. Grab’s pricing isn’t as transparent as Lalamove’s, but it seems like it is affected by distance and peak hours – much like their riding service. Currently, GrabExpress is available in Metro Manila and Cebu but our friends in Bacoor, Cavite said that they could book as well.

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• Grab Logo • Lalamove Vs Grabexpress: Which One To Use?

Grab also offers real-time tracking integrated into their app. You can see where the rider is, much like how you can see where your Grab car is, and the estimated time of arrival. Once the package is dropped off, the rider will take a picture of the recipient with the package to show you that the delivery was a success.

Here are GrabExpress’ available services:

  • GrabExpress Instant – This is the standard on-demand courier service that you book. Once your booking is accepted a rider will pick up the package at the pickup point, then deliver to the drop off location.
  • GrabAssistant – GrabAssistant is essentially a purchase service where you book a store where the rider will purchase the item and deliver it to you. PHP 1,000 is the maximum amount that a GrabAssistant rider can buy for you.
  • GrabExpress Same Day Delivery – It’s similar to GrabExpress Instant, but your delivery is queued so that Grab can sort out the riders to deliver packages more efficiently. It allows up to 6 hours lead time and is cheaper than GrabExpress Instant.
  • GrabExpress Instant COD – This is Grab’s cash-on-delivery service where the rider will pick up the item, drop it off to the recipient and accept the cash payment, then bring the cash to the person who sent the package. It is more expensive since the rider travels back and forth from the pickup point to the drop off location.
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You can download Grab for free here

Below is a table to compare the two:

Instant Delivery
Heavy Packages
Purchasing service
Scheduled Delivery

I would suggest you keep both apps and choose whichever is cheaper for whatever use you may need. I find near deliveries to be cheaper on Grab, and deliveries to remote locations are cheaper on Lalamove (YMMV). If the recipient or sender is unavailable now but will be later, then you might want to look into Lalamove’s scheduled delivery. Since you can’t ship heavy and bulky packages with Grab, then you’d need to use Lalamove’s MPV or Light Trucks.

And that sums it up. Which service do you prefer, Lalamove or GrabExpress? Let us know in the comments below.

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