iPhone 5 hits grey market for Php47k, November for telcos

The first batch of iPhone 5 will be released in 9 countries today. This includes neighboring countries such as Singapore and Hong Kong. Grey market shipments will also arrive in the Philippine tomorrow with a staggering street price of Php47k.

While the street price of early units of the iPhone 5 are high, it still did not beat the asking price of the iPhone 4S at Php52k and the iPhone 4 at Php92k when they first came out.

The grey market prices fluctuate and sources tell me it moves at a price of Php1,500 cheaper per day from the original asking price, until such time it stabilizes (which normally happens once telcos start offering it).

As for Smart and Globe, inside sources told us the official release of the iPhone 5 might come it around November which is 11 months from the official release of the iPhon 4S in December last year.

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  1. Mas maganda pa dito yung W900 ng Cherry mobile. haha!

  2. I got mine on its release date. Surprisingly, there was no wait, no line, no people at all at the store. Got one for my boyfriend and one for myself. I have to say it was all worth it. I love my iPhone 5 and will never even care for other phones. 47k for iPhone is too much btw. Smh.

  3. office boy

    wahh!! luma na agad ang 4S ko, under contract pa ko…huhu

  4. i registered to globe’s website, and i got a phone call yesterday making me say, that i would want a new plan aside from the on that iam already using. and the rep from globe that i have spoken with, told me to submit my requirements tru email with a reference code IP5++++. just like the ip4, they are prioritizing the new customers than the old ones. it’s basically part of their marketing strategy. since old clients are easier to please than to get a new one. that is why they bargain the new device to get more clients.

  5. ^ boo! wala pa kaya! saka kung meron na sana man lang may advertisement man lang sila. but no wala pa. kung may email sila sayo post mo sa then send us the link.

    ang weird. nagbayad ako ng postpaid ko sa globe wala pa daw as in zero. wala pang email to new customer.


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