Samsung’s new tablet with 2K AMOLED display

SamMobile has confirmed a new tablet that the South Korean electronics giant is said to be launching soon. According to reports, this new tablet would feature a Super AMOLED display along with a screen resolution hitting 2K.

2011's Galaxy Tab 7.7 with Super AMOLED display
2011’s Galaxy Tab 7.7 with Super AMOLED display

So far, here’s what we know regarding the new tablet:

Super AMOLED display @ 2560 x 1600 screen resolution
Exynos 5 processor
Android KitKat with TouchWiz Magazine-style UX
Ultra Power-saving Mode seen on the Galaxy S5

The new model (SM-T800) is only the second Galaxy device to sport a Super AMOLED display since Galaxy Tab 7.7 that we’ve seen in 2011. The source reports that it would be available in Wi-Fi only, 3G, and LTE variants.

We’re still waiting for announcements as to when it will be available in different parts of the world along with its price tag, but it’s foreseen as possibly the next flagship tablet from Samsung which will then have a fitting price.


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  1. christian

    Ah… you mean, 2k horizontal.. Nagulat ako dun nung nabasa kong 2k kanina naisip ko parang 1080P lang yun sa youtube yun ah.. Di ba 4k – 2560×1600? Napa-calcu pa ko haha.. :)

    • Abutroll

      Basta may “K” horizontal ang gamit, 2K, 4K the others uses vertical resolution (1080,720 etc)

    • christian

      ay..?.. oo nga noh.. weh weh weh.. hehe.. :)

    • christian

      wow.. maling-mali ako dun ah.. kasi I was trying to multiply 2560×1600 getting the answer of 4096000 not noticing it was 4M not 4K and now realizing it was just 4 times the resolution of 1080 or anything closer (3840 × 2160, 5120 × 2160, 3996 × 2160) and yes, it could either be horizontal or vertical (na-stuck yung ulo ko sa non-tiltable display) wah…. maling-mali talaga… salamat sa correction! :)

    • Ok lang magkamali bro :D.

  2. TabletGeek

    Hopefully this wont have the same screen issues that plagued most if not all of the tab7.7


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