Have AdSense Check but no US Dollar Bank Account?

Have AdSense Check but no US Dollar Bank Account?

A number of people have emailed me asking about their problems with their Google AdSense Checks. So here’s the question — What to do with your Google AdSense Check if you don’t have a US Dollar Bank Account?

google adsenseI know this has been answered and discussed many times before but I’ll just put this out clearly for those who don’t know about it yet.

You already have your first Google AdSense Check which is in US Dollar denomination. You don’t have a dollar bank account and you can’t afford to open up an account. The lowest initial deposit I know is Banco de Oro which is $200.

From experience, there are several ways to go about this.


Option 1. Wait out for your next check from AdSense. Hold them off until you get the $200 minimum initial deposit. Use the combined checks to open a US Dollar account. Ninety (90%) percent of the time, banks will not allow this so make sure you’re familiar (or friendly) with the bank’s account manager. Maybe he or she can make an exception for you. Go with the bank where you already have an account (a regular peso account) — they will likely to give you a favor since they already know you (or at least have a good record on your account). Another way to increase the likelihood of getting the exception is if you have several US dollar bills to go along with a deposit — maybe a $100 dollar bill and a $100 dollar check will cut it. Tried these strategies before and it worked.

Option 2. Shoot an email to Google AdSense Support team ([email protected]). Tell them you want to have the check canceled and the credit be returned to your AdSense account. There was a time I thought I lost a check in the mail so I emailed AdSense Support and told them to cancel the check. They replied in about 2 days. Use your AdSense email account when sending out the email along with your complete name and publisher ID.

Once the AdSense team has adjusted your account, you can either set your check payouts in Philippine Peso or move to have Western Union disbursements.

If you opted to get it as a Philippine Peso check, you will have to have a peso bank account to get it encashed. It’s good for people who already have a bank account since it forces you to make a “savings ” deposit. My first year’s checks were in US dollars because I wanted to force myself to save and it was an effective strategy for me. Be careful though. A lot of AdSense publishers have lost their checks in the mail before.

If you want cold hard cash pronto, then go with Western Union disbursements. It can be in US dollars or in Peso and you get to spend it asap.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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17 Responses

  1. joseph says:

    Landbank’s minimum deposit is $ 100

  2. dAVe says:

    Thank you very much sir. This clarification is very helpful. Thanks again.

  3. dapeke says:

    Yuga ask ko lang kung paano po makabili sa AMAZON yung pinaka easy way po. Wala po akong credit card, kahit anong bank account or paypal man lang. Student pa lang po ako. Or may maissuggest ba kayo na gagawin ko or any site na secure and safe para bumili ng mga gadgets at yung affordable po.

  4. SELaplana says:

    dapeke >>>> get an EON card from Unionbank and deposit the amount you need to spend and use to buy in amazon.

    pero if you are looking for fast and easy way.. just tell me what product you want to buy and I will buy it for you… then just send me the payment and I will send you the product… lol

  5. dAVe says:

    Just wanna share this.

    I found out that Banco de Oro (BDO) allows a dollar check to be deposited to your peso SAVINGS or ATM account. $3.00 shall be deducted though. It will take more or less 28 days. Most probably other banks do the same.

  6. the best way is to go with Western Union disbursements its fast and no 24$ deduction :)

  7. Same problem as mine on my first adsense check. I asked, then, google to cancel my check and resend the check using other currency. Unfortunately, the new check was 2-3 payment delayed.

  8. Phaw says:

    I opened a dollar savings account with RCBC like a year ago for my internet income though not with adsense. Their initial deposit amount is only $100.

    The best thing though is that there is no deductions and it only takes 12 banking days to clear the cheque.

  9. jathniel says:

    is paypal safe????

  10. I started receiving my Adsense checks more than 3 years ago. I opted for dollar checks sent through mail. I look forward to receiving my checks every 1st week of each month. I have two dollar bank accounts at BDO and PNB. I prefer my Adsense income to be in dollar checks because I will be “forced” to keep them as savings.

    dapeke – aside from EON of UnionBank (no minimum deposit needed) usable at Amazon, you can also use EON for your PayPal account which you can use in purchasing items from eBay and some other stores (like http://www.truereligionjeans.com) that accepts PayPal or Google Checkout.

  11. same problem here
    only a student age 19 yrs old
    i only have school ID
    its really hard to get an voters id that i can use in western union… maxado matagal proseso

    for now my current total earnings is only $10.09
    for 4 days…..

    my only problem is how will i get my money without required ID and bank account???

    could anyone pls help me out…

    step by step procedure para kung sakali pde ko na makuha ung money ko gagawin ko nlng ung 22ro nyo..

  12. Paano po ako mababayaran ng adsense kung wala ako ni isang bank accounts? Hoping for your fast reply po.

  13. jun-jun says:


    I have a adsense account but the payee name is not under my name. How can I withdraw the money at western union if the name is not mine. I do not want my cousin to withdraw the money since it’s a big stake lol ^^ do you have any advise?

    I already sent a message to [email protected] hopefully they can grant the request. I know the process for changing the name it’s like canceling the entire account and setup a new one lol. I can’t do that it takes time to make a money lol sayang naman ang clicks ^^.

  14. StrayArrow says:

    Sir, is a Landbank account ok to be used to verify my Paypal account?… Thanks

  15. Appreciation for a wonderful experience. Hey all. A am glad to find this website. Extremely usefull.

  16. Ern says:

    Good alternative sa bdo kung medyo mahigpit ung teller, sa EastWest Bank. Minimum nila to open a dollar account is $200 initial deposit, tapos 21 days clearing days. Hope this helps.

  17. Rasheed says:

    Thanks for sharing this with us…

    Anyway, you can download New Music @ https://www.raygist.com

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