5 iOS 8 features already found on Android

5 iOS 8 features already found on Android

Apple has talked a lot about their new mobile operating system, iOS 8, in WWDC 2014. While there were no extreme changes and hardware announcements, we all got a bunch of small improvements aimed at big changes. However, most of the new additions sound completely familiar, for non-iOS users at least. Now where have we seen these features before? Here are 5 iOS 8 features already found on Android:


Interactive Notifications

Just like the notification center added in iOS 5, interactive notifications aren’t a first as we’ve already seen the functionality in Jellybean years ago. Interactive notifications basically mean that you can quickly respond to an app notif without having to open the app first. As seen in the iOS 8 demo, you can now comment or like in Facebook straight from your notifications; this is also available in the lockscreen. While functionality may slightly differ, the idea isn’t exactly new.

Hey, Siri

Long before Apple, Google has already done this with “Ok, Google”, allowing users to do a search on things without having to press anything – and even before that, the Moto X did the same thing and better – capable of responding even with the screen turned off. Apple’s addition of Shazam into Siri is a nice touch and is totally new though, something that Microsoft’s singing Cortana can’t do just yet too.



Here’s one thing Android has done for a long time – Widgets – implemented years ago when the OS was still young. Apple now takes the same idea and incorporates it in a different way, adding it into the notification center and opens it for third party development. Widgets on Android can do a lot of things and has grown to improve throughout the years, so we’ll have to see how Apple develops this idea hiding in the pull down notification shade.


keyboard 2

QuickType Keyboard

Predicting words on top of the keyboard isn’t also new as well. Windows Phone has this, Android has this and BlackBerry has something similar. It’s an entirely useful feature, but Apple’s quite late when it comes to incorporating new features to their keyboard. We won’t be surprised if swipe-typing is introduced next year.

3rd party

Third-party extension support

And speaking of keyboards, you can now change it as well! We’ll be seeing more customization in iOS 8 as we’ll find widgets, keyboards and a lot more in the app store. Developers can now also build deeper into the platform, allowing you to, say, add a bit more depth into editing photos in the native app by adding more functionality. We’ve seen that all before, haven’t we?

We’re sure there’s a lot more, but the line of similarities are less seen. For example, timelapse, family sharing is to multiple users, iMessage is to Hangouts and iCloud Drive is to Google Drive. However, we’re not saying every feature is already found on Android; HealthKit, HomeKit and a tad more comes in as examples.

To sum it all up, iOS took a lot of existing ideas from the competition once again and built upon it to distinguish itself. The features said above aren’t exact copies, and to a certain extent even, they also better the experience. This isn’t the first time someone took some ideas from another platform and we’re sure this isn’t the last. Either way, with competition all around us and as they polish up their offerings – we benefit.

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Bob Freking occasionally contributes articles to the website. He is a UST Graduate of Commerce & Business Administration, Major in Marketing Management, and a full-time Sith Lord with three dragons.

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47 Responses

  1. 8 says:

    “How cool is that?!” sabi ng apple sa mga sheep nya. ‘tong mga sheep naman nya tuwang tuwa.

  2. schezogame says:

    Nothing new or revolutionary. But improvements to make our lives easier are welcome.

  3. archie says:

    Apple’s creativity has died with Steve Jobs. They’re scrambling now for the sake of pleasing the investors. R.I.P. Apple innovation.

    • Milhouse says:

      Apple has been copying other companies’ phone and tablet features even before the man in black turtleneck died…

      Notification Center
      Fast App Switching

      …among others

    • yify says:

      Microsoft tab was created long before the famous apple’s Ipad.. google google din pag may time… :D

    • archie says:

      @yify. You do realize that I am being sarcastic with how I said it, don’t you =)? Since macs were invented, everybody in the technology world knows that Steve Jobs is not an innovator but a creative marketing genius.

    • Justin says:

      archie: “R.I.P. Apple innovation.”

      archie: “everybody in the technology world knows that Steve Jobs is not an innovator but a creative marketing genius.”

      … Dude, you just contradicted yourself.

    • archie says:

      @Justin. You do realize that I am being sarcastic with how I said it (apple innovation), don’t you =)?

    • Heckler says:

      Actually, sarcasm for most people, is hard to detect just through text or through letters. So NO, people won’t easily get your sarcasm through your comments.

  4. Inspector Gadget says:

    Why can’t the lot of you, instead of complaining, just be thankful that these features came to iOS? Okay, it’s late and the other platform has got to it first but aren’t you glad that these finally came to iOS too? I’m not an iSheep because I personally own 2 Android phones (Samsung Galaxy S Duos 2 and Samsung Galaxy S4) for both work and play aside from my iPad.

  5. Easy E says:

    Sooner or later, iOS and Android will be a lot like each other and could (potentially) run each other’s native apps. Is this a part of the Google-Apple agreement on patents? Apple released an ‘easier’ dev platform (programming language ‘swift’) that is more java-ish which is far from the current objective-C style. Note that android apps are developed through eclipse (java sdk +). http://techcrunch.com/2014/06/02/apples-delivers-developer-fanservice/?ncid=rss http://www.theverge.com/apple/2014/6/2/5773928/apple-swift-programming-developers-objective-c

  6. Rainbow Rat says:

    Kahit palitan mo lang yung housing without the improvements or upgrades madami pa din bibili ng Apple.. They marketed themselves as a social status identifier. Well, kung may pera ka nga at kaya mo naman bumili, why not?

    • Mel says:

      kung may pera ka at di ka marunong mag-isip, at kung pasosyal lang ang goal mo sa buhay, why not diba?

    • rape says:

      @Rainbow Rat – a typical reply from a social climber like you

    • archie says:

      @rape you forgot to mention typical isheep
      @rainbow so willing kang magshell out ng 35k+ para sa isang phone na on par lang sa midrange android/nokia phones? Even steve wozniak himself is using xiaomi mi3. We feel sorry for you and your slightly used brain…

    • justcurious says:

      Kaya pala marami na akong nakikitang jejemon na naka-iPhone/iPad. Pa-sosyal lang pala tong gadgets na to.

    • Rainbow Rat says:


      Ah excuse me sir.. Ang point ko po e madaming pasosyal lang na dahil ang tatak ay iphone kaya binibili nila. Wala silang alam sa specs.. ang alam nila ay sikat sila dahil naka Apple sila.

      And FYI, Nakaandroid na po ako since the glory days of HTC. Siguro nung hindi mo pa alam kung ano ibig sabihin ng android.

    • Rainbow Rat says:

      Napakatalino mo kase sir. Pasensya na. Hindi po ako apple fan Hindi po natin sila binibigyan ng pera na pambili ng iphone nila. And you don’t have the effin right to criticize them for their choices.

  7. a says:

    apple haters everywhere

  8. Zobel says:

    So SamGoo should now sue the crybaby Apple?

  9. Felippe Delosreyes says:

    iCloud is just like google drive and photos, sabgay hindi nila maiiwasan gumaya sa mga features ng Android kasi ganito na talaga ang style ng OS ngayon (customizable widgets, keyboard…) . Nag papalipas lang ang Apple ng panahon ilabas ang iOS 8 kasi kakalabas lang ng Android 4.4.x(2,3).

  10. Stephen says:

    OMG why are you even posting this? Poor journalism. Well, it fits your target market — Android consumers who have poor taste.

    • Jax says:

      So you think Apple users do not have poor taste? What a dumb way to do a generalization.

    • justcurious says:

      Kaya pala marami na akong nakikitang jejemon na naka-iPhone/iPad. Para sa may magandang taste pala tong mga gadgets na to.

  11. Jay says:

    “We won’t be surprised if swipe-typing is introduced next year.”

    FYI.. Swype was NOT made by Google. It’s made by a different company. It just so happens Android allowed 3rd party keyboards to be installed which is now also the case for iOS8. If you watched WWDC, they showed the swype keyboard for iOS.

  12. wwdcgogo says:

    I use both iOS and android devices and both have ease of use. Android has a lot more technology put into its software making it easy to customize for the user’s pleasure. iOS is fairly easy to use, even with the seniors as they prefer it, but lacks the “easy to customize” feature like android devices. If you can’t learn to appreciate technology and being butthurt by someone’s or something’s improvement, better yet not say anything. Say something smart, or just shut up at all. Android butthurts keep saying that apple copied this, apple copied that as if they own android. Let’s face it, iphones are a lot more expensive in comparison to android devices. This apple vs android comparison is nonsense. It’s like comparing a dog from a cat. If you want android go ahead. If you want an iOS device go ahead. You don’t have the “perfect” device in your hands anyway. Neither do I.

    P.S. poor journalism. android butthurt?

  13. Marktim says:

    Whatever fandroids say, they won’t matter coz I’m a 100% satisfied with the ios

  14. nightfall says:

    Im now bacj to android coming from ios. I loved how user friendly and easy ios is, but i miss rooting and the android interface. Still you gotta give it to apple… at the end of the day its all business. Whos making more money. And apple knows exactly how and what to sell. Marketing is king

  15. Napoles says:

    Napaka bitter naman ng mga Android users. Dito mo makikita ang pagkakalayo ng ugali ng mga user ng iOS at Android. Sino ang may breeding at wala. May utak ka nga wala ka naman breeding. Ipilit ba na mas maganda ang napurchase nyang phone kesa sa iba. Live and let live. Kung gusto nila ng Apple devices hayaan nyo. Kung gusto nyo ng Android bili kayo. Ang dapat naman talagang bilhin ng isang tao eh kung anong magpapasaya skanya hindi ung sinabi ng iba nag magpapasaya sknya. Kahit mahal pa ito at hindi makatarungan para sa iba ang presyo bilhin mo dahil magiging masaya ka naman. Ganun lang kasimple.

    • archie says:

      Tech blog article to, lahat ng gadget ay subject for comparison and constructive criticism. Kung ayaw ninyong nakocompare ang sinasamba nyong iPhone doon kayo sa Mac forums. Wag nyong dalhin ang sentimental attachment nyo sa tech blogs dahil hindi ito 1000 ways to make with your iphone.

    • justcurious says:

      Kaya pala marami na akong nakikitang jejemon na naka-iPhone/iPad. Para sa may magandang breeding pala tong mga gadgets na to.

  16. Zooey says:

    Teka lang, yun 5 features ba nagamit nyo nung time nila? :D

    • rai says:

      I’m sure I did. Nexus 7 was then new to me. sometimes it’s more fun swiping than just pressing every letter, in fact I use SwiftKey as my keyboard today.

      As for interactive notifications, it has been there for ages. It just dependent on how the application is written.

      what else, widgets?

      but then at the end of the day, we users are the one that benefit from the ease of use with these iterations and the companies are earning their profits from us. what?

  17. Kami says:

    Dear Bob,

    if you were inspired by this article, http://www.cnet.com/how-to/ios-8-features-already-available-on-android/ written by Dan Graziano of CNET, you know exactly what to do.

    although i understand that such topics will spawn upon release of the iOS 8, its quite disturbing.


    • M says:

      I agree. Poor journalism to. Hindi man lang unbiased yung pagkapresent ng points dun sa article. Ano ba to flamebait article para lang makakuha ng clicks and madaming comments? Well baka yun lang nga purpose mo. Mission accomplished.

    • fo' shiz says:

      You can’t really call Bob out for “poor journalism”. This is a blog site after all.

  18. archie says:

    Napakabalat sibuyas nyo naman. Comparison lang ginawa ng writer ngumangawa na kayo ng poor journalism. Dami na silang article na pinipintasan ang android. Masyado kayong attached sa iphone nyo e wala namang buhay yan. Gamit din ng utak pag nagbabasa ng tech blogs.

    • Denephew says:


      How long have you been sucking Bobs dick and licking his ass?


    • archie says:

      Hateful and no life apple butt kisser detected. Puro ka emosyon doon ka magcomment sa emo websites haha!

  19. Androider says:

    I can do that on an Android/windows phone too.

  20. abusalsalani says:

    lets put it the other way around, ANO ANG KINOPYA NG ANDROID SA IOS? :p

  21. titoxtian says:

    cant wait to update…
    plus iphone 6 is coming…
    really excited…

    why so much drama in this tread…
    both have their own merits…
    Androids are excellent…
    cant live without nexus 5 :)
    But I also have iphone…
    and personally I feel more secured using my iphone with my digital data…
    never worrying for my sdcard if it will suddenly die with all my data in it…(D**n you CD-R king :)
    plus it’s a perfect match for macbooks which android can never be…
    but same goes with iphone and chromebook…

    so…why not have the best of both worlds :)

    though if i were to choose 1…not considering other gadgets or setup I have at home…

    i’d go for…Android…cant imagine my life without tweaking something in my phone every weekend :)

    • titoxtian says:

      in the end it’s just personal preference…

      like buying original Aegis CD…so expensive compared to the value…but priceless when I play it to annoy everybody in the car…

      and if they will release a new album… yep i’ll get it again in heart beat…

      (yep I didn’t dload & burn it as it is more annoying if I showcase the whole package :)

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