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Local online gadget stores announce iPhone 6S, 6S Plus price lists

As Apple’s new smartphones become available in several countries, two popular online gadget stores in the country have already released their price lists for the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus ranging from Php39K up to Php83K.

Widget City

Widget City’s pricing starts at Php40,490 for the 16GB Gold and Silver iPhone 6S, while its most expensive variant is the 128GB Rose Gold at Php52,990.

As for the iPhone 6S Plus, price starts at Php53,990 for the 16GB Space Gray and Silver models. The most expensive is the 128GB Rose Gold at Php82,990.


At Kimstore, the iPhone 6S starts at Php38,800 for the 16GB Space Gray, Silver, and Gold models, going up to Php51,500 for the 128GB Rose Gold.

It’s iPhone 6S Plus offering starts at Php46,000 for the 16GB Space Gray and Silver, going up to Php67,500 for the 128GB Rose Gold.

For the complete price list, hit the source links below.

source: Widget City , Kimstore

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5 Responses

  1. Avatar for Aaron Jay Abad Aaron Jay Abad says:

    Overpriced as always. We’ve seen this before and a lot got doped for the ridiculous prices.

  2. Avatar for Apple dapple Apple dapple says:


    • Avatar for Digest Digest says:

      Typical? Then why on earth I don’t see one on my hands? Care to give what is yours? Then I’ll say that’s typical…

    • Avatar for Ronaldq Ronaldq says:


      New released iPhones cost more than 30K = Typical
      You being over-exaggerate and a poorfag= Typical

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