SM MOA installs hi-tech parking monitors

SM MOA installs hi-tech parking monitors

Just this week, SM Mall of Asia started installing parking monitors on its multi-level parking section. The 3rd floor parking level is still closed for the renovation and i took pictures of the finished job on the 4th floor.

The IR monitors hangs on the ceiling supported by PVC pipes that crawls all over the entire parking section. See photos I took earlier:


parking monitor

There are two nodes — one for the IR beam that fires right in the middle of each parking slot and another one at the rear end where a bulb lights green if the slot is empty and red if taken.

sm moa parking
The red and green signal lights helps a driver easily identify which parking slots are available. My guess is that the monitors also report to a central system to map the parking floor and manage parking spaces. It might send reports to the security office as well as the toll gates below on the running capacity of each level.

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14 Responses

  1. Rico says:

    Talk about customer service! Nice! Way to go! I sure hope other malls follow suit.

  2. Ricster says:

    Great innovation by SM! Galing!

  3. blozoom! says:

    nice work SM! will surely save me gas, kesa ikot ka ng ikot sa parking ng moa now its easier to locate a free space.

  4. joeyboy says:

    yuga, di parking monitor yan, xmas light yan, red and green. pasko na sa pinas! wohooo!!!!

    merry xmas ninong!!! hehehe!

  5. flux says:

    aahh.. so yun pala yun. nakita namin nung friday last week yun pero di pa gumagana (di pa umiilaw). tatanungin ko dapat yung guard pero nahiya ako

  6. geck says:

    @joeyboy corny!!! haha joke lang..

  7. Just to let you know that the system was provided by Gadswork Technologies, Inc. based in Mandaluyong City 1550 Philippines.

  8. For details regarding the ACCESSTRACKER Parkfinder system. Please email us at [email protected] or at my personal email [email protected]. Sales Hotline is +6327238273. Will be happy to serve and provide you with the latest system in Carpark Management System.

  9. m0jCraig says:

    saw this first on SM North Edsa..

    cool rig for parking! :D

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  11. Eric M. Gallares says:

    For inquiries regarding the original Parking Guidance System which we installed in the Philippines (the first is SM Mall of Asia), please call/text +639178454626 or email at [email protected]. Thank you very much.

  12. Eric Gallares says:

    You can get in touch with me through [email protected] com. We will be glad to serve you.

  13. Frederick Gallares says:

    Just an update regarding the Parking Guidance System installed at SM Malls. You may get in touch with me at 09225675156 or email [email protected]. Thank you very much.

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