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How to Order and Pay via Starbucks App

If you love Starbucks but hate falling in long lines—especially during a pandemic and within the holiday season, then you should check out the Order feature via the Starbucks Philippines app.

There’s no direct delivery option yet, but the app offers a few pickup options depending on the store availability. This varies from a drive-thru, curbside pickup, in-store pickup, or outdoor pickup. It’s an efficient way to receive your order on the way to your destination.

Starbucks App Order And Pay 5 • How To Order And Pay Via Starbucks App

If you’re ready to start your quick coffee run with the Starbucks app, then keep on reading as we show you how.

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Table of Contents

Download the Starbucks app and register to Starbucks Rewards

To get started, you first need to be registered to the Starbucks Rewards program so you’ll need to enroll in your Starbucks card to the app.

Payment, stars, and e-stickers

Your Starbucks Rewards card will be your main payment method for in-app orders and don’t worry if you don’t have enough load/money in it as you can now reload through the app with debit or credit cards. With this system, the app will automatically credit your earned stars or e-stickers.

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How to order ahead

Upon opening the app, make sure that your location toggle is turned on and that you have enough money in your Starbucks Rewards card. Then tap the “Order” icon at the bottom of the screen.

Starbucks App Order And Pay 3 • How To Order And Pay Via Starbucks App

Realme Philippines

Choose your Starbucks store nearby to pick up from then start placing your order. Feel free to customize your drink.

Starbucks App Order And Pay 1 • How To Order And Pay Via Starbucks App

Afterward, review your order and choose your preferred pickup option; there’s in-store, curbside, drive-thru, or outdoor pickup. Note that some pickup options are limited depending on the Starbucks store you chose.

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Starbucks App Order And Pay 2 • How To Order And Pay Via Starbucks App

Once you decided on your pickup preference, you may now proceed to checkout and pay via your Starbucks Rewards card. Click on “Submit Order” then the store will now prepare your food and drinks. The app will show your estimated wait time.

Starbucks App Order And Pay 6 • How To Order And Pay Via Starbucks App

When your order is ready, you can breezily proceed to the pickup area and hit “Check in” that’s found in the app to notify the barista.

Starbucks App Order And Pay 4 • How To Order And Pay Via Starbucks App

And that’s it! Enjoy your freshly made beverage/s on the go.

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