Road SMS: So you can Text while Walking

Road SMS: So you can Text while Walking

We all know texting while driving or walking could easily get you into accidents. With smartphones nowadays that use touchscreens, you will need more attention to the phone and less on the road ahead. But wait, there’s an app for that too — Road SMS.

Saw this Android app from the Samsung App Store that came pre-installed in the Galaxy S i9000.


The app uses the built-in camera to project an image of what’s in front of you and put it as a background on the screen while you are texting. That way, you’d be able to see what’s coming up even if you’re just focused on your phone typing away a text message.

I’m not sure if people would really use Road SMS regularly but I think it might come in handy someday.

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55 Responses

  1. cutemoboy says:

    Goodluck sa mga Snatcher! haha

  2. hehe says:

    aside from that camera, dapat may other camera to see who’s behind you. baka nga may snatcher!hehe. just kidding

  3. Thing is, users would still be distracted while using the phone. And having it oriented that way, it’d require two hands to do comfortably – not something I want people doing while *driving*.

  4. IC DeaDPiPoL says:



    regardless, SMS while walking is still dangerous in a sense you have two things to focus (with the apps actually it means 3 things to focus (SMS, front(via the app), and the entire degree around your left, rear and to your right).

    I’d use it too look at the hot chick seated on front of me in the LRT though ^_^ (hopefully me hotkey for snapshots)

  5. Jaypee says:

    Yeah hindi pa rin magandang gawain ang nagtetext habang naglalakad more so kung nagmamaneho.

  6. Kim Roa Endaya says:

    nice…I hope there would be something like that on the iPhone :D

  7. cutemoboy says:

    @ IC DeaDPiPoL

    awesome idea! haha app store should have this by now!

    pero mukhang magbubunyi ang mga snatcher sa pilipinas! hahah

  8. mcast says:

    it’s a tad gimmicky at best. a holdup/snatcher magnet at worst.

  9. The concept is awesome but still dangerous. I think it is better to call while driving than texting.

  10. Elva says:

    I agree with Ronald. Your attention would still be divided between texting and driving.

  11. Alex says:

    application still useless

  12. J says:

    Okey yan… Para mas madaling makita ng mga pulis kung sino ang nagte-text while driving. :-)

  13. ZZz says:

    nice app…. at least may silbi kumpara sa libo libong walang kwentang apps…

    (pwede to sa jeep txt habang tingin sa legs ng babae sa harap lol…)

  14. Herce says:


  15. akia says:

    oi, konting respeto naman sa mga kababaihan, baka kako kayo mga snatchers huh. hehehe.. that aside, i don’t think it’s a good app at all. your attention will still be divided bet. txting and walking esp. driving. it’s good if ur one of the 2% on earth who are super multi-taskers. but if you’re not, tsk, risk pa kayo sa mga motorista and pedestrians.

  16. Kinny says:

    If the message is that important just call the person to convey it. We do need a break from texting you know. Tama kayo, the risk of snatchers, getting bumped from behind or even falling in a man hole are possible scenarios with this feature.

    Nakakainis na nga yung hindi makausap ng matino kasi text ng text pag kasama e.

  17. Teknisyan says:

    I think people will use this more on spying/peeping than while driving. hehehe… better not drive while txting even if theres an apps for that since these apps can’t even guarantee our safety.

    Just my 2 cents!

  18. Cliff Rosario says:

    though it’s still suggested to not text while driving.. it’s one clever app.. but still useless as @Alex said..

  19. Cartman says:

    Nice! :) Btw. Samsung Galaxy S i9000 review please! :D Thanks!

  20. D'Artagnan 4444 says:

    Hi Yuga : that app you mention is nowhere to be found in the Samsung App Store. Can you link your source in your story? Are you sure you weren’t hoaxed by someone ?

  21. mr. bogus says:

    magandang application to kung mamboboso ka.. kunwaring nagtetext ka pero iba ginagawa…… useless application…

    kung mag drive ka ganun din (mabuti kung voice command ang texting) mas maganda pa yung bluetooth o wireless headset for voice call

    kung maglalakad kanaman alangang magtext ka na ang cellphone ay nasa bandang dibdib 0 ulo mo.. eh di prone naman to sa snatcher at holdaper..

    magandang pangalan ng application na to ay: PEEPING SMS

  22. jay says:

    don’t forget to look to your right or to your left when crossing though

  23. Efren Sy says:

    That is how you maximize all the features of your touch screen smart phone

  24. Avraham says:

    How come it’s not showing up on my Droid market?

  25. IskoPo says:

    good thing para nakawan ng tingin yung crush mo. just pretend ur texting.

  26. Wow! Will you be buying? Ntl Retail Fdn says: 88% of retailers will have a special promotion for Cyber Monday this year, up from 72% in 2007

  27. Rel says:

    Tried Road SMS on the road, driving 40kph on a national hi-way (province) DANGEROUS! i held it at the top of my steering wheel para parang HUD, you can see the incoming cars and the one in front of you but the image is deceiving, you may think its far but the truth is its like hairline na lang ang distance, its better to park na lang and text, then drive like hell to catch-up for the lost time than be sorry. altho its good for bragging that your fone has that feature. kumbaga yabang points lang na nakaka inis, but i still use it tho, walking & txting sa loob ng mall.

  28. razvan says:

    not to much use, cant support swaype and portrait mode

  29. led watch says:

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