CD-R King to offer Google Glass?

CD-R King to offer Google Glass?

CD-R King, one of the largest media providers in the country, may possibly make the Google Glass available locally, or at least that’s what they’re hinting at on one of the recent post they’ve made on their official Facebook page.

The company has not given any concrete details about the device, when it’s going to be available, and how much they’re planning to retail it once it does hit the shelves. However, they did promise that they’ll provide more information about it soon.

google glass philippines


Another thing that’s not clear here is whether or not they’ll bring in the real deal or just cheap replicas of Google Glass. We’re more inclined towards the latter, albeit we can’t totally rule out the former either.

It’ll be really cool if CD-R King was truly able to bring legit Google Glasses to the country rather than knock-offs. But even if that’s not the case, we think that the replicas are still something to look forward to, just to see how close it is to the real thing.


This article was written by Ronnie Bulaong, a special features contributor and correspondent for YugaTech. Follow him on Twitter @turonbulaong.

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26 Responses

  1. dan says:

    Ayos,may 1 day replacement and 3 days service warranty yan cgurado.

  2. abuzalzal says:

    To my intelligent guess. I do think that it will be the real deal. But it will be rebranded as a CD R King product. I arrived to this conclusion because I am a very good analyst when it comes to gadgets being a gadget man that I am.

    • lazlazuba says:

      Re-branding GOOGLE Glass? LMAO.

    • iphone5s says:

      sarcasm mofo, do you speak it?

    • redzel says:

      instead of giving some negative feed back to this innovated stuff why don’t you shut up that’s we Filipino’s don”t get the success we want because of some of guys like you giving negative critic on this kind of idea. then if it will come up into another countries brand people like you keep telling “that’s a Filipino idea but it was not funded that’s why other country made it”

      fuck of dude if you are a good critic as you say you are. your not just giving a bad comment to the product you will also give some more informative stuff to this one because if this product will come out I probably seeing you using it

    • anonymous says:

      fuck you redzel.! go buy that fucking made in china, and let see what happen after 1 day.

    • ANON says:

      wow anon! then why are you still buying CHINA Made products then?

  3. It would be great if they can offer the real deal. But I think it is very unlikely. My money is on the cheap knock-offs. It’s interesting to see the development of this news though. :)

  4. Easy E says:

    Lagi nalang bang Villman? Haha.. In other news, CDR-king will venture in food business, starting off with donuts.

  5. Wadaboy says:

    hahaha wag na baka sasabog pa yan sa ulo mo mabubulag ka pa. delikado.

  6. enzo says:

    Although I love the concept of wearable tech, GG, at this point in time, is a high-tech toy. Give it a few more years of proper development and refining for it to be as indispensable and un-cumbersome as a smartphone.

    • fo' shiz says:

      Methinks the Google Glass will be the next segway. It’s probably way ahead of its time. And really doesn’t solve any of our practical problems that our current gadgets already could. And that price!

  7. mas ok pag cdr king para mura kaysa mga ibang company na price manipulation na naman

  8. Jay G says:

    The cost of google glass is quite prohibitive and does not match the cost of items being sold in CDRking. I would guess it’s a knock-off. Pero still, it’s something that we should look forward to. Isipin mo Google Glass capabilities on a china-made and cheaply-priced gadget. Very interesting.

  9. meh says:

    probably some chinese knock off, but dont worry it will only work 2 days before it falls apart. CDR don’t even use a regular cash register, they just hand write reciept and use calculator! Biggest scammers ever with horrible products

    • Nikki says:

      And please include their horrible customer service. Mga nakasimangot na TINDERA na parang ayaw magpabili. Hahaha.

  10. anon says:

    Google Glass itself actually just costs about $80 to build. The reason why Google sells it for $1500 is because of all the labor put into it and since it’s fresh from R&D (Research and Development). And Google specifically mentioned that it targeted developers for Google Glass, and since developers are usually rich, $1500 wasn’t that steep.

  11. cranium says:

    I guess it still depends on the user. I purchased a card reader from CDR-King for Php50. And this sh*t is still working after 4 years of use. You can get one of these to test if google glass really fits your preference. If the answer is no, then at least what you got is just a cheap knock off na hindi pang hihinayangan.

    But if you’re just gonna b*tch about it because you cant afford a cheap knock off, then u better shut your little hole.

  12. Exag says:

    Kung magreklamo kayo akala nyo naman may pambili kayo ng authentic na google glass. Di bagay ang google glass kung isusuot nyo lang sa jeep at tricycle.

  13. kusina101 says:

    wait.. may extra feature daw ang cdr-king GG – “x-ray vision”. ;p

  14. alfonso says:

    why not. cd-r king offerred xtreme mac and tdk products, genuine at that.

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