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Pokemon GO: Locate Rare Pokemon in the Philippines

[Editor’s Note: Contrary to reports that Pokemon Go is blocked in the Philippines, there’s no official statement to prove this and all signs point to an overwhelmed server that was caused by users outside of the original region it was released.]

Pokémon GO has made its way in the Philippines yesterday. Although the title seems to be not officially released here in the country, we already have created a simple guide on how to download and install the game on your Android and iOS devices so you won’t have to wait much longer before it officially arrives.

Here’s how to get Pokemon GO right now:

In line with this, we put together some secret locations in where you can find these rare pocket monsters. Take note though that as of writing, we can’t verify the source and if this list is legit or 100% accurate. But our guess is that this is just obviously made up for fun. Check out the image below:


Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comment section below.

This article was written by Heland Ortega, Junior Contributor of YugaTech. He is a graduate of Information Technology and Multimedia Arts at FEU Institute of Technology in where he is also now working as a full-time faculty. You can follow him at @helandortega.

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50 Responses

  1. Jekkkk says:

    I don’t think legit to. Napaka Metro Manila based ng list so possible isang tao lang gumawa ng list na to, e siyempre hindi ka naman knowledgable sa buong pilipinas so eto lang nagawa.

    • Jekkkk says:

      Hindi legit*
      Sorry nakulangan ng hindi

    • Jekkkk says:

      Ay putek i don’t think pala nilagay ko hahahaha
      I don’t think legit to. Yan final hahaha ang gulo

    • XY says:

      kaming taga.probinsya hanggang magicarp nalang.

    • Lola ko says:

      Di naman sinabing complete and final list eh. Kung nagbabasa ka: ” Take note though that as of writing, we can’t verify the source and if this list is legit or 100% accurate.”


    • Vlad says:

      Lol, nakakuha ako ng porygon sa sm davao cyberzone area, so maypagka legit ang locations neto

  2. druoljneb says:

    Hey! I got a bulbasaur in Puerto Princesa!

  3. Mamichi says:

    nah, not true… got 10 sa list in 1 location only yesterday (for a duration of 2 hours while malling) – SM Lanang Davao City.

  4. Youngster Lex says:

    Fontana Water Park (Clark, Pampanga) – Eevee
    Fontana Casino (Clark, Pampanga) – Zubat

  5. I know someone who got a Lapraz along the Cavite Shoreline

  6. mikey says:

    So does it still work for you guys?

  7. phillip says:

    Hitmonchan – any Elorde branch

  8. Cedric says:

    Works on my alcatel one touch go play..using our wifi i was able to catch charmander..i just hope tm has a strong signal when i go out tom am..

  9. chero says:

    Makaounta nga sa Libibgan ng mga bayani bukas. Hahaha. Walking distance lang

  10. Spidey says:

    Well, Pokemon was just released 2 days ago. So, how could possibly that a Filipino Pokemon player can make a guide like that so fast. And remember that Pokemon Go is unofficialy available in the Philippines, so the list is probably not from Pokemon

  11. Passi-kun! says:

    Buried Alive is at Manila Film Center lol

  12. kuratong_balileng says:

    got bulbasaur in cebu

  13. exflarex user says:

    dafuq really ppl? daming uto uto sa facebook……. buti sana kung may developer dito sa pinas. kahit di ko pa to nalalaro e di ako naniniwala.

  14. Pons says:

    Anong napapala niyo sa paglalaro niyan?

  15. lol says:

    Andaming nagpapaloko, hindi nagets na joke lang ito. Ghost pokemon sa sementeryo. Electric type sa Meralco. Water type sa dalampasigan. Nagets na yung pattern?

  16. Diondelion says:

    Hindi ako makapag catch ng pokemon dito sa iloilo paanu ba?

  17. Mara says:

    Here’s a HOT tip where you can find rare Poke items in Mindanao:

    And the best place in Davao area to get them (unless you want to pay for them , of course) is to venture out in Digos City to locate one the “secret” PokeStops and Pokemon Gym. Use OpenStreetmap in venturing this area and wander around the place called “Playpen” or “Digital Playpen”. My friends an I found the PokeStops by the blue squares that filled our Pokémon Go maps (Look for “Digital Playpen”). When you’ll there and get close enough, you just spin the icon and various items will appear. Goto “xbox 11” for your unlimited hyper potions (be sure you’re on Level 15 to avail all these). During our initial inspection, this PokeStops can also be used as a hub for Pokémon catching. If you or a trainer wants to assign a Lure Modules to a PokeStop (Playpen), then for that finite amount of time, anyone who is near the area will be swarmed with Pokémon.

    If you happen to be in this place, or just be in an area near one of the PokeStops, you’ll notice that the color changes from blue to purple once interacted with. If you hang around the “Playpen” area for a bit, you’ll find it goes back to its blue color after 5 or so minutes (times can vary), allowing you to easily stock up on Poke Balls, and gain 50 xp a pop, which is useful if you find yourself stuck someplace where Pokemon are not appearing.

    Btw, I just “lured” Articuno, Moltres, Mewtwo and Persian

    Good Luck poke Hunting!!!


  18. bobot says:

    bulbasaur here in dasma

  19. TerraByts says:

    Charmender Here

  20. Nakahuli nga ako Pinsir dito sa bahay hehehe

  21. 233 says:

    wag kayong maniwala jan, niloloko lng kayo, gngwa nyang logic.

  22. mianne says:

    Pinsir, staryu, squirtle and tangela here in my unit.

  23. nate says:

    ung iba galit na galit na ndi raw totoo …halatang picture agad tinignan dto d nag babasa lol..

  24. bby says:

    Hii. I caught a lot in Matina, Davao City. Maraming Pokéstops dito at may tatlong gyms sa area ko (two of which are conquered by Mystic and the last gym in AdDU is Instinct). Marami ring mga Pokésmons dito without moving a lot (pero of course, mas nakaka aliw pag kailangan mo talagang humanap). Pag dadaan ka sa PWC at kahit na sa MTS, marami kang makukuha. Based from experience po :)

  25. Regularshow says:

    Hi nandito ako sa Jimenez at may 2 pokestop na lugar na alam ko at may dalawang gym yung dalawa ay sa valor ba yun oo nga valor (i think) at may isang araw pumunta kami sa ozamiz at yung dumating kami sa ozamiz ay nakakuha ako ng 22 ka pokemon ang saya ko po at sino naglalaro ng pokemon go sa ozamiz ready na kayo kasi madami sila :)

  26. POKEMAN says:

    Hi guys! I caught Electrode, Magneton, Starmie and Meowth in Mall of Asia so this post is accurate. For the others, havent tried yet. Btw, where’s the main office of Meralco? It’s in Pasig right?

  27. Annie says:

    Hi I caught Staryu sa Molino Boulevard, Krabby at Tentacool sa coastal road, Magikarp Diosdado Macapagal Area, Magnemite and Voltorb MOA

  28. Oh says:

    This is definitely inaccurate. Can’t believe Yugatech posts unreliable article (even with disclaimers on). Shame.

    • Curious Guy says:

      Some are reasonable. but moltres in Mayon Volcano.. hahah what part of the volcano ? haha the outer part or the on the tip of it lol. just sayin.

    • Keith C. Alvizo says:

      Like tentacool in west phillipine sea? Hahaha i got my tentacool in my house when i was taking a dump hehehe! But nice list maybe some of them are true.

  29. jaja says:

    wartortle in malvar davao city

  30. Pokemon Master says:

    i caught pikachu in the egg :D

  31. Leojedo30 says:

    Pikachu usually on Manila ocean park and Moa.. Dragonite, aerodactyl and charizard on eastwood Rufos.. You just need the right timing.. Lapras usually on Moa.. Growlithe on Ayala triangle.. Caught 135 so far.. 15 na lang..

  32. mewt says:

    Saw a pikachu at MOA but couldnt catch him. First one I caught was at Rizal park, lots of vulpix in there too. I got a hitmonchan today at megamall. I also got drowsee, magmar and kadabra just cant remeber where I caught them. :D

  33. Jhay-P says:

    Hey any idea where can I find a Mewtwo? Is there a Mew in the game already?

  34. Jeron Severino says:

    Rainforest Pasig, is a charmander nest. I just evolve my charmander into a charizard sadly no good iv..I got my 91iv from an egg.

  35. hi hello ask ko lang po kung si Mr.Mime totoong matatagpuan sa peryaan but exact loc, po sana kung san meron ^_^

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