Portable Karaoke Systems Under PHP 7K

Portable Karaoke Systems Under PHP 7K

Recently, our days are filled with phones clutched on hand or laptops within arms reach because of the stay-at-home format we are all in. So why not take a different approach in your day and squeeze in classic karaoke time for you and your family. With that being said, here is a list of portable karaoke systems under PHP 7,000.

Konzert KCS-222

The Konzert KCS-222 sports two 8-inch TodoOke speakers, a mini amplifier, and a microphone. The system features FM Radio USB/SD slots and Bluetooth for playback of karaoke songs. If you like adjusting the systems echo, bass and treble, the Konzert KCS-222 is for you.

PHP 6,499LazadaShopee

WOW! Fiesta HD Mini

The WOW! Fiesta HD Mini comes in a compact design with built-in English and OPM licensed songs. Additionally, the Fiesta HD Mini supports an Unli-Song Expansion feature via their Song Loader app, giving users access to a cloud full of other songs.

For connectivity, it sports an HDMI and RCA option with a 12V power supply. Moreover, WOW advertises this system to be Car Friendly—now you can sing on the go!

PHP 5,998Lazada | PHP 3,790Shopee

Platinum KS-5 Junior Lite DVD Karaoke

The Platinum KS-5 Junior Lite supports music and video playback via a USB interface. It has over 16,000 English and OMP songs with multiple background videos. Additionally, it has both intelligent scoring and an on-screen song search.

As per Platinum, the Platinum KS-5 is tested before packaging and has a six-month warranty.


PHP 2,999 Lazada | PHP 3,999Shopee

Megapro Plus Megasound

The Megapro Plus is a Karaoke and DVD player. It is loaded with 18,000 OPM, KPOP, Regional and English songs with up to 4 kinds of background video—plus, it is updated every 6 months. For connectivity, it sports an RCA Port, 2 microphone inputs, and is USB 2.0 compatible.

If you are itching for a break after singing, you can switch into movie mode with the Megapro Plus via its DVD player—two birds with one stone!

PHP 2,699Shopee

LUSHUO Bluetooth Handheld Microphone

Take center stage with the LUSHUO Bluetooth Handheld Microphone. The Microphone features a Bluetooth 5.0 connection that is compatible with Android and iOS, an integrated 360° surround sound speaker and runs on a 1800mAh battery. Nothing screams out portable than a device with both microphone and speaker capabilities.

So if you want to jam out to a song you just stumbled across randomly, take the LUSHUO Bluetooth Handheld Microphone and sing your heart out.

PHP 1,950 Shopee


The KUKU L63 is a portable rechargeable speaker with a remote control Karaoke system. Its transmission range is about 10 meters, and its speaker drive is sized at 6-inches. The system supports an SD memory of 32GB and has a battery capacity of 1200mAh—advertised to last up to 1 hour at 75% volume.

PHP 1,198Lazada

And there you have it, our list of portable karaoke systems under PHP 7,000. Take note that big gatherings are highly discouraged because of the ongoing pandemic, but you can use these systems to have fun with family members at home.

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