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A closer look into the Vivo V15 Pro’s Ultra FullView Display

With its pretty great components and interesting design, it’s an absolutely pleasant surprise that the Vivo V15 Pro is a mid-ranger. Launched in the Philippines last March, one of the most interesting aspects of the V15 Pro is its Ultra FullView Display. We’ll be taking a deeper look at it. Read on!

Ultra FullView Display

The Vivo V15 Pro sports a 6.39-inch Ultra FullView Display. You’ve read that right, it’s a smartphone that has zero notches or holes on its display. Thanks to the full display, the Vivo V15 pro has a massive 91.64% screen-to-body ratio. It has slim bezels all around, apart from the tad thicker chin but still, that’s not much of an issue when you consider that there’s nothing else getting in the way of the screen. This Ultra FullView Display is made possible all due to the elevating selfie camera housed within the V15 Pro’s body.



Of course, what’s the use of having a full display if the panel isn’t up to par with it? Fortunately, the V15 Pro is equipped with a Super AMOLED panel, providing support for a greater range of colors. Thanks to that, the V15 Pro displays rich colors and darker blacks, resulting in a great contrast that’s incredibly pleasing to the eyes. Games and videos seem livelier and more immersive on the V15 Pro’s screen. The full display combined with the Super AMOLED panel also allows the V15 Pro to have wider viewing angles, ideal for playing games or watching videos together with someone.

In-display Fingerprint Scanner

One common security feature of smartphones these days is the fingerprint scanner. Apart from pass codes, fingerprint scanners provide an extra measure of security if an individual wants to keep the contents of their phone away from prying eyes. Certainly, Vivo’s smartphones aren’t strangers to fingerprint scanners and so, the V15 Pro has one too except this time, it’s an in-display fingerprint scanner. No need for an additional upfront notch or an embedded a scanner on the rear for this one.

It’s easy enough to enroll your fingerprints, making sure then that you’re the only person who can access the contents of your phone. As for unlocking the phone with the fingerprint scanner, it’s pretty quick and unlocks the V15 Pro in a flash. Even if your display is turned off, there’s no need to fumble around for the fingerprint scanning area as the fingerprint icon will light up with just a tap.

What’s your take on the Vivo V15 Pro’s display? If you wish to know more about this device, you can read our review here.

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