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Cherry Mobile Alpha Luxe vs Nokia Lumia 530

Last night, Cherry Mobile announced its new line of smartphones powered by Windows Phone 8.1 OS. One of those smartphones is the Alpha Luxe. It is aggressively priced at Php4,999 and it poses as an alternative to the similarly priced Nokia Lumia 530. So which one offers the more bang for the buck? Let’s compare the specs of these two and see which one looks better on paper.

cm alpha luxe vs nokia lumia 530

Cherry Mobile Alpha LuxeNokia Lumia 530
5-inch HD IPS display4-inch FWVGA TFT display
Dragontrail Glass
1.2GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 200 quad-core CPU1.2GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 200 quad-core CPU
Adreno 302 GPUAdreno 302 GPU
8GB internal storage4GB internal storage
up to 32GB via microSDup to 128GB via microSD
8 megapixel rear camera w/ LED flash5 megapixel rear camera
2 megapixel front camera
Dual-SIM, Dual-StandbyDual-SIM, Dual-Standby
WiFi 802.11 b/g/nWiFi 802.11 b/g/n
Bluetooth 4.0Bluetooth 4.0
FM RadioFM Radio
Windows Phone 8.1Windows Phone 8.1
2,000mAh battery1,430mAh
145 x 72 x 9 mm119.7 x 62.3 x 11.7 mm
160 g129 g

Cherry Mobile Alpha Luxe:
* Larger display
* Higher resolution
* Denser screen
* Higher RAM
* Higher internal storage
* Rear camera with flash
* 2MP front camera
* Larger battery
* Thinner


Nokia Lumia 530:
* Can support 128GB microSD cards
* Smaller
* Lighter
* Php9 cheaper
* Tried and tested brand

From the comparison it is obvious that the Alpha Luxe dominates the Lumia 530 in terms of specs. Design-wise both phones look great, however, the Lumia 530 carries a brand that is famous around the world for its quality, while the Alpha Luxe is a newcomer that has lots to prove.

So if you have Php5,000 which one will you buy? The Cherry Mobile Alpha Luxe or the Nokia Lumia 530? Share your thoughts below.

This article was written by Louie Diangson, Managing Editor of YugaTech. You can follow him at @John_Louie.

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37 Responses

  1. jajajason says:

    You forgot Lumia specific apps and software support from MS for the Lumias but you gotta hand it to CM with the Alpha line. Awesome prices for Windows Phone and Windows devices.

  2. meh says:

    Siguro yung CM mga 1 month to 6 months palang sira na.

  3. kontrabida says:

    Aba! Ayos tong ginawa ng CM

  4. dhrekryan says:

    Pila ng mahaba sa cherry mobile service center. Sirain ang phone nila hindi sulit bumili sayang ang pera

  5. Syntax says:

    False talaga nung nakalagay sa specs nila sa papel ay Adreno 305 CPU? Loko-loko talaga tong CM.

  6. im pretty sure that Alpha luxe can also accomodate 128gb cards.

  7. Aaron says:

    It’s funny how they said: “Tried and tested brand” for nokia haha… but best wishes to local brands that Filipinos would be patriotic to these brands and may these brands would not sacrifice price for quality.

  8. WindowsOS says:

    Expandable po ba memory nito?

  9. Zobel says:

    Gotta hand it to CM. Ang sarap ng HD IPS nila. Ang itim ay talagang maitim. mala AMOLED.

  10. vtlobo says:

    hindi naman si cherry mobile gumagawa ng celfone nila eh.. depende na yan sa pagamit

  11. evollove says:

    I find it ironic that most tech-bashers I know either:

    Buy stuff they bash, if they don’t own anything better (like a flagship)
    Recommend the devices they bash to people who ask them for shopping advice

    or, the majority of them,

    Are actually too poor to afford buying the gadgets they badmouth.

    Most bashers actually are just people who research and research the stuff they want to buy IF they had the money, and end up insulting the product since they can’t afford them.
    – Which isn’t such a bad thing, since by the time they can afford a gadget they like, they’d have researched the device and its competition intensively and are well-informed of its pros and cons.

    On the subject, I think this new Alpha line by Cherry Mobile is a pretty good buy for the money, regardless of the brand’s notoriety. I think it’s merely CM’s stigma in the past that makes it so notorious on Filipino tech critics that they’ve generalized Cherry Mobile=bad quality, when the truth is, the OEMs they take their phones from aren’t so shabby anymore.

  12. cm user says:

    got 3 cm units and never did i have to bring it to any service center since i bought them. hangang ngaun they are working fine. specially ung burst ko more than a year since i purchased it, it is still working very fine despite my daughter kept on dropping it. you can never blame a faulty unit because of its manufacturer but how the user uses it. bulagsak lng talaga sa gamit ung mga nag sasabing 1 week lng sira na unit nila.that is pure stupidity..

  13. Jiron says:

    I own a CM phone and honestly, you get more than what you pay for. I have a CM Razor that I bought last year for 6499 and it us still in good condition apart from the plastic part that is falling apart. Dropped it several times and is still functioning. For the 6.5k I paid for, I could have bought a slow Galaxy Y if I cared for a brand.

  14. Rockafella says:

    It’s not like P9 pesos is a huuuuuge advantage. But yeah I’m with CM this time.

  15. Gadgeteer says:

    marami galit s cherry mobile, i Dont blame them kung malas sila at sa kanila pumatak yung defective, i for one know a friend who did not know his cosmos GPS is defective until we loaded it with waze, tapos when he went to cherry service center ayaw honor warranty kasi daw nabagsak daw but hindi naman actually, so add him to one of the cherry haters.

  16. crash says:

    Isinama pa talaga ang cheaper by 9 pesos…

  17. pinoy konsumer says:

    Well, image and reputation is everything. From the time Cherry Mobile started to this day, their phones have been defective to a point of being disposable. It doesn’t help also that they don’t care so much to keep their customer happy thru honest and at least good customer service. May I just note that they don’t make their phones! They buy them from China. So patriotism card can never be pulled here.

  18. ysaak says:

    Seriously 9Php is an advantage… Hindi nalang name ang ginamit na comparison “this a nokia-microsoft phone”

  19. allan says:

    wahahah nakakatawa lang keyung mga basher i have bought already 6 units from them and ni isa wala kaproble problema.kung ayaw yu sa cherry mobile then dun ka sa iba. bash lang ng bash mga welang magewa sa buhey

  20. alvinc says:

    Natawa ako sa 9pesos advantage.

    Unfair for people to downright judge CM to be very poor in terms of build quality. It dies not apply to each and every device they release.

    Some CM phones are very sturdy. Some are not. Some also gets damage because of abuse. So, it really depends.

    Pero, I’ve owned a Lumia 720. After almost 2 years of use, it is still as good as new. And I use it daily, dropped it a couple of times. In contrast, I own an OMEGA spectrum for almost 5 months now, one can notice that the exterior of the phone looks aged already. Nalang damage pero makikita mo na parang luma na. The back cover has scratches due to use (pagnilalagay sa pocket) tapos yung metal finish nya ay natatanggal na gradually which makes it ugly BUT the phone is completely working, no damage inside. Only the exterior which shows like its very luma na.

    There is a price for the price. If you want a very well-built phone that can stand the your daily use for a very long time without having to worry about your phone looking harassed, invest for Nokia.

    If you think you are the type who changes phones every 6 months and won’t care aabout the obvious water and tear of the device, then buy CM.

  21. KYLE says:

    hahahaha nakakatawa ung mga bashers ng CM… meron akong cm phone ilang beses ko nang nalalaglag at ibinato pero di nman nasira oh nagka problema… siguro bitter lng ung mga bashers kasi ayaw tanggapin na low specs ng phone nila kahit mahal bili nila….. :) tanggapin nlng…..

  22. acp says:

    direct insult to Nokia because of higher specs of Cherry…

  23. Milhouse says:

    Which is better? One is a globally trusted brand, the other not so much. Go figure.

  24. hans says:

    For me, this is a no-brainer, I’d choose lumia right away. I’d rather choose a brand that is globally trusted and known for building great phones for a long time. :)

  25. drew says:

    We dont need tons of phones, we need after sales service. OTA updates for software, were not throwing money each other day you release phones. Pano mga previuos customers. Dba mas matutuwa sila na ang device nila is still supported? This is npt related to this windos thing here, bka may mka basa ibang local brand jan malaman nila needs ng customers nila.

  26. Dwight says:

    Aftersales are only for defective phones, we don’t need aftersales, we need quality phones. OTA updates are for bug fixes, because our phone had numerous bugs and needs updates to fix them. We need a quality phone with quality software even without updates. Mas ok kung full o.s. update.

  27. san po pweding bumili ng lcd for cm quartz, flare s2, omega eon….
    wala po kasi sa mga service center nila…

  28. cm flame 2.0 user says:

    sorry na lang sa mga bashers ng CM… got my flame 2.0 for a year and 2months now… at andaming naiinggit sa perrformance nya, napagkakamalang branded pa, natatawa nalang aq lagi pag may nanlalait sa CM… hayz… research and basa basa muna sa users ng phone… hindi ung sige lang comment para lang may ma icomment…

    • hit-n-miss says:

      Siguro hit or miss ang mga device ng cherry mobile. maswerte ka. yung binili ko na flare 2.0 para sa anak ko 4 months lang nasira na agad. ayaw na mag-on. binilan na rin ng bagong baterya pero wala talaga. Di maganda experience namin sa cherry mobile. kaya branded na lang gamit niya. mas mahal pero sigurado na gagana.

  29. Eyman says:

    Sa panahon ngayun hindi na uso ang pang matagalang CP, kasi pag lipas ng isang taon ang dami ng bago at mas updated ang specs kaya kung cheap phones ang gamit mo mas madali nalang mag palit ng bago.

  30. Magistrum says:

    Sa CM Alpha ok siya pero ma issue siya na minsan nagiinit lalo na kapag naka Battery Save, pero kung titingnan mas ok yung sa CM Alpha kasi better specs

  31. anonymous says:

    If i have 5000 pesos i’ll choose nokia lumia 530.
    kasi 3990 naman talaga ang price ng lumia 530 eh…

    marami siguro napabili ng alpha style dahil mahal ang price na sinabi neo dito sa review where in fact dagdagan lang ng 990 pesos lumia na dapat.

  32. LovefromCm says:

    For me. i was using Alpha Luxe for 1year. and so far. OKAY pa naman yung performance as good as new. For me, matibay talaga anf CherryMobile kasi mY CM Amber, nahulog na sa tubig and yes its still working, i dont know if woter proof nga yun eh, kasi parang okay lang shempre. So if i were you, bili niyo nalang ang CM Alpha Luxe. Hinde naman po ako basher ng Nokia pero may Nokia ako, Hinde siya windows. Pero DAYS ko lang nagamit. Chinarge ko lang, tas mga ilang oras na-oof siya and tentenen dead bull. Dissapointing ako sa Nokia. Kaya CM nalang ang binili ko.

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