Cherry Mobile Eclipse 2 is a GSmart clone?

Cherry Mobile Eclipse 2 is a GSmart clone?

Cherry Mobile Philippines just announced their latest Windows Mobile powered dual-SIM smartphone they called Eclipse 2. The most intriguing part is that the design and specifications are very identical to an earlier smartphone — a Gigabyte GSmart S1205.

Here’s the poster of Cherry Mobile Eclipse 2 posted on their Facebook Page.

Here’s a photo of the Gigabyte GSmart S1205 and the specifications.


Gigabyte GSmart S1205
3.2″ display resistive touchscreen
Dual-SIM dual standby quad-band
MediaTek MT6516 416MHz CPU
128MB RAM, 256MB ROM
3MP camera w/ [email protected] video
WiFi 802.11 b/g
FM radio with RDS
Bluetooth 2.1
Windows Mobile 6.5 Professional

The next question would be “who came out with this unit first?” Well, GSMArena already had a full review of the Gigabyte GSmart S1205 as early as June 17, 2010.

What happened most likely is that Gigabyte and Cherry Mobile used the same equipment manufacturer from Shenzhen China. Normally, the brands would sign an agreement with their suppliers to lock a design specification to their brand so that no other brand would be able to use it (and thus avoid the embarrassment of having clones out in the market).

In this case, Gigabyte obviously got the design contract first. It’s still unsure if Cherry Mobile knew about this when they picked the design too. This kind of incidents also happens with laptops and netbooks too.

By the way, the Cherry Mobile Eclipse 2 is priced at Php9,990.

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41 Responses

  1. nexusboy says:

    Oh My God, cherrymobile? the nerve! this phone manufacturer will never earn respect in the industry. nakakahiya.

  2. mike says:

    i will never buy cherry mobile again. It’s not a pinoy phone.

  3. rene says:

    just the same its a china phone even myphone is a china phone pretending to be pinoy or pnoy thats already apolitical another issue by the way cant help commenting

  4. lolipown says:

    china has little belief in what we call copyright infringement

  5. Actually most of the designs of their phones are copied mostly from Nokia and BlackBerry. Expect that design because their phones are made in China.

  6. Rob says:

    hmmmm… maybe hindi naman. wee see some HTC phones a few years ago that were being sold as Sprint, T-Mobile, Vodafone, or O2 phones so baka nagtie-up ang dalawa. otherwise, magkakabangga ang dalawa sa parehong design.

  7. roan carl says:

    who cares about these trash phones hehehe…

  8. Herce says:

    Who cares?

  9. yuga says:

    @roan carl – a source tells me Cherry Mobile sells 100,000 units a month.

  10. Adrian says:

    yung design hindi maganda.

  11. lawreas says:

    @roan carl

    mabenta ang cherry mobiles especially sa lower class market.. never estimate them, they’re the biggest bracket of consumers. china phones nga sobrang mabenta.. eto pa namay registered name ng manufacturer..

    IMAO, yun ang naging success ng nokia, sa mga entry level phones nila.

  12. vince says:

    Copyright issues aside, I’d like to know about the unit itself. Does it work? Is it reasonably sturdy?

  13. Gwapito says:

    I believe there are cellphone factories in China that make generic devices and phones, then embed logos for respective investors.

  14. mr.bogusmobile says:

    what else is new..! China means Manufacturer of rip off, fake, imitation, and low quality branded products..
    The filipinos are only practical bsta mura n di n iniisip yung “long term”

  15. Josh says:

    Hehe, some of the comments here are just funny. Just because it looks the same doesn’t mean it’s a rip-off or a clone.

    They might simply have the same ODM. Even in laptops, it happens. It isn’t unusual for an Acer and a Dell/Alienware laptop to be made by the same manufacturer for example.

    i.e. It’s like saying Sager is cloning Alienware laptops, when in fact they were manufactured by the same company.

    In this case, it is very much possible that Cherry Mobile simply purchased the bare units from the very same ODM that Gigabyte purchased their GSmart phone. Only difference is, Gigabyte bought theirs out first.

    It was like HTC a few years ago. They were simply an ODM designing for whoever was interested in re-branding their phones.

  16. Cliff Rosario says:

    @Josh.. Thanks for sharing that nice explanation to those who might not know.. It’s true though.. ODMs or Original design manufacturers does help small companies like Cherry Mobile to venture more into the market without the need to get their own factories or for Big MNCs to keep up with the huge number of demands.

    For some who don’t know Compal Electronics and Quanta Computer Inc (both from Taiwan) have long been ODMs for the likes of DELL, ALIENWARE, HP, ACER and even APPLE. So that doesn’t mean that if it came from China it lacks quality..

  17. Ahem, most phones nowadays are made from China! Even Apple’s I-phone is made (or assembled as what the back says) in China…

  18. anonymous says:

    i dont get it. they copy the whole design and priced a tenth of it. then u say its common to Dell and HP? thats BS marami siguro dumb dito to believe that and im not one of them. yes China feeds crap and poor pinoys eat whatever theyre fed on. kahit poison pa yan kakagatin pa rin ng pinoy yan. LOL

  19. Cliff Rosario says:

    To Anonymous… dude or whoever you are (too scared to get named).. you’ve got some serious reading/comprehension problems..

    I was referring to companies having their products either assembled or made in CHINA.. not copying the design.. dumba**

    I Work for Dell.. so I know my stuff.. we do have partnerships with Compal and Quanta.. both from Taiwan.. and other ODMs in Europe.. the one in Poland..

    Unless you are a market research analyst and “Knows” your stuff.. you can just shut it..

  20. RJ says:

    @ roan carl

    you’re correct, man. 100,000 unit’s of Cherry P1 priced at P999. A calculator-designed phone whick breaks easily.

  21. JunJun says:

    @ sir abe

    sir, pa review naman ng torque or myphone units. Cherry mobile lang parati ang meron review dito, sirain naman ang phone na ito. Ask your source from cherry, tambak ang units nila under repair sa warehouse nila including technicians na di tumatagal. Torque or myphone handsets have better quality.

  22. brynzky says:

    @To all

    Kung ok lang po maglabas po sana kayo ng difference ng Cherry mobile eclipse 1 & 2 quality, specs & everything at kung ano ang mas magandang bilin kasi i’m planning to buy… :|

  23. asdasdasd says:

    china is a manufacturing giant so don’t underestimate them. some of the biggest manufacturers in industry always choose china as their major product supplier. not all china-made devices are crap; some of the devices that are made in china are sturdy. china has its standards in manufacturing

  24. UNKNOWN says:

    check micromax phones and compare to myphone… pareho din…

  25. Rafael says:

    Don’t buy china phones like iphone 2G 3G 4G iphone china phone called air phone the worst touchscreen ever I have my china phone its is iphone M003 with tv in few weeks the antenna of this replica iphone is lose. the touch screen of this phone is SOOOOO very hard you cannot touch didiinan mo ang touchscreen ang mangyayari naman ay ang touchscreen ay mababasag ang iphone ko kasi ay fake ilang pagawa na. Don’t BUY IPHONE ESPECIALLY IPHONE 4! THE WORST TOUCH SCREEN EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. (the truth is WASTE OF MONEY)

    you can buy iphone original its just a 9,000 pesos instead of 6,000 pesos (china phone)

  26. Pog says:

    Just bought Eclipse 2 kanina , grabe hindi pa alam ng Sales person kung paano mag soft reset , tinawag pa yung manager , sabi nya sa akin ” Sir dapat talga may reset button yan eh , wait lang tatanuning ko dun sa ibang vendor ng Smart Phone sa labas ( nakita ko sya sa HTC nakikipagkwentuhan lang tapos hindi na ako binalikan ). I was using a Verzio Envii before Windows Mobile 6.1 , smooth ang paggamit ng stylus sa screen sa Envii pero sa Eclipse parang mababasag ang LCD ko sa sobrang diin para lang magrespond yung touch screen. Another thing , medyo mahina speakers nila pag Speaker Phone. Yung stylus parang antenna ng TV.

    • jedixyz says:

      boss, although di ko pa nai-try pero ayon sa manual, open mo cover ng battery sa likod, tapos tanggalin mo yung stylus, me mari-reveal dun na maliit na pressure switch (kulay gold), yun ang reset button, meron din sa gui, under ng settings/system/cleanboot, caution lang po, erase po lahat ng settings at files mo pag ginawa mo yan. ^^

  27. lory says:

    i have my cherry mobile eclipse 2 also mahina nga talaga ang volume nya kapag my text ako hindi ko naririnig…anyone can help me kung paano yon ilalakas ang volume..kabibili ko pa lang kasi baka i need to scan more

  28. einstein says:

    i’ve got something to share to you bout one of my cousins na seaman, nkasakay sya sa barko na nagtatapon/nagrerecycle sana ng mga “factory damaged” na mga original adidas shoes at nagkataon na pinoy ang kapitan so nagkaroon ng agreement sa loob na i-smuggle ang mga ito and yun ang simula ng ibang murang adidas na madaling masira..

    well the theory is simple, China makes the best of these technologies we had and this will all undergo a quality testing process..ang pumasa eh binebenta sa mga malalaking companies and might also undergo more quality testing and ang mga natira ay mapupunta sa mga small companies, and those na hindi pumasa sa quality test ay nabranded natin na “chinaphone”

    ***God made mankind… But everything else is made in China…***lol

  29. anne says:

    ok lng nmn khit clone ang importante ngaya…ibig sabihin lng nun mgnda at mrami ang may gusto….tsaka s lahat ng bagay laging gngaya hehhe

  30. pakupal says:

    dami natin arte at satsat pero kung bibigyan tayo ng libreng eclipse 2 hanggang tenga ang ngiti natin napaka ipokrito ninyo :)

  31. pakupal says:

    ang kakapal pa ng mukha ninyong mamintas di naman ninyo alam kung paano ginagawa ang cellphone ang importante sa atin magkaroon ng communication device hehe :)

  32. jedixyz says:

    just bought an eclipse 2 this 4 pm, by 9 pm, naging pc-like na siya, hehehe. installed avira mobile, google maps, bolt browser etc. one more thing that added beauty to this piece of equipment is the SPB Mobile Shell environment. here’s what my GUI looks right now… and

    • Name: says:

      I bought eclipse 2 a month ago and it works well,I even make it as my class record because it has ms mobile office 2010. I am interested to what you have told us. could you please help/teach me on how to download and install app. Coz i want to downdload the openoffice mobile and some other features that makes my eclipse 2 more beautiful. thanks

    • jedixyz says:

      so unfortunate! dropped my eclipse 2 yesterday and BAM! screen cracked and rendered unusable. but heck, i love this baby so much that i would do anything to make it “alive” again… so, new LCD coming up tomorrow with a 5,000 Php tag attached to it (mukhang mas mahal pa yung lcd kesa sa buong unit a… huhuhuh!!! :P).

      anyway, about your inquiry, if admin may allow me to post here a small piracy thing, you may search for a pirated version of the SPB Mobile Shell, keyword for google is “SPB Mobile Shell for Windows Mobile 6.5 piratebay”, if your already familiar with torrent downloading, this should be easy for you, if not, just ask someone who knows how to download torrent… (admin says enough with the small piracy thing already!!! :)

      about installing, well, your phone comes with a cable, 1. you may connect your eclipse 2 as a storage device to your pc\laptop or 2. you may install activesync 4.5 (if you have XP in your pc\laptop) from microsoft, here the link and its free…, then copy your downloaded SPB Mobile Shell installer to your eclipse 2 (either phone memory or memory card), run the file (should be extension.) and voila!, SPB Mobile shell on screen! Beautiful piece of work!

    • Marinel says:

      i also have this eclipse2 but it also cracked! but swear i haven’t dropped it once! can you please tell me where you have inquired to have a new LCD??? please. pretty please! san ka po naginquire pra mkakuha ng bagong LCD ng eclipse2?? i’ve been waiting for 3months na eh dun sa outlet na pnginquire ko, pero wla padin. and kelangan ko na tlga nito, nkkpanghinayang nmn kung bbili ako ng bago.. wala pa tong 1 year!! nacra agad! kya please.. san po kayu ngpaayos neto? san po may LCD dn ng eclipse2?? pls.tell me. thank you.

  33. oneal says:

    madali po bang mag text dito? ksi parang maliit ang mge letters panu pag malaki ang daliri ng magtetext? i have seen a video straight from youtube about the unboxing this phone and when it cums in txtn aun hirap xa pumindot..gumagamit paxa ng touch pen…:)
    tanung lang po ah,…salamat sa makakasagot

  34. BANDONG says:


  35. ompet says:

    pngit ang eclipse 2 madaling masira.

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