Cherry Mobile Omega HD vs. Starmobile Diamond

Just a few days after Cherry Mobile launched the Omega HD, Starmobile flaunts the Diamond that sport specs almost similar to CM’s offering. Let’s find out the differences between these two Android smartphones.

sd (1)

Yugatech 728x90 Reno7 Series

We mentioned before that the CM Omega HD is a rebranded i-mobile IQ6 from Thailand. With the Diamond, we believe that Starmobile went with the same manufacturer and rebranded the i-mobile IQ4 (see image below). This continues SM’s tradition of launching rebranded i-mobile smartphones like the Crystal (IQ2) and the Flirt (IQ3).

i-mobile IQ4

i-mobile IQ4 (above)

As for their specs, take a look at the table we prepared below and try to notice the slight differences:


Judging from the specs, the Omega HD and Diamond are almost like twins separated at birth. The SM Diamond has the advantage of having a larger 3MP camera and the inclusion of a free 8GB microSD card in the package. However, the Omega HD has a slightly larger battery at 2,100mAh and way cheaper price tag of Php7,999 as opposed to the Php9,990 Diamond. That’s a Php2K difference.

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This article was written by Louie Diangson, Managing Editor of YugaTech. You can follow him at @John_Louie.

67 Responses

  1. Avatar for cj cj says:

    i keep on thinking what i am going to buy between the two! ..

  2. Avatar for amer amer says:

    The first time i saw the diamond, i thought it was an upgraded omega HD. Since they are both rebranded with the same company, they are almost same. Its just that CM OMEGA HD was cheaper than the diamond and they have very small difference. I would go for OMEGA HD since its battery is higher than diomand. :)

  3. Avatar for lee lee says:


    ask ko lng po kung ung battery ng OHD is malambot tlga? para syang takip ng gatorade??

    sa mga OHD users, ung sa inyo po b gnun din?

  4. Avatar for Nacho Nacho says:

    If u are a super rich person, I reccomend getting the Diamond, i have both units and Diamond has louder speaker and longer battery life ( Sometimes dont believe the specs ) but i dont know if its worth the price of 2000 pesos

    • Avatar for Jogs Jogs says:

      Kung super rich nga naman syempre di na un bibili ng CM or SM hahaha. Go for S4 na un.

  5. Avatar for Nacho Nacho says:

    @erah u dumbass Flirt is not the same with Diamond. Flirt has a 4.5 inch qHD screen and Diamond has a 5.0 HD screen how is that the same?

  6. Avatar for Glenn Glenn says:

    @Les i bought mine at victory mall antipolo

  7. Avatar for tantan tantan says:

    cherry mobile and star mobile parang mga channel lang sa tv. naggagayahan ng naggagayahan…

  8. Avatar for Josh Josh says:

    Both CM and SM have their own bloatware which I’d rather not have. At kung knowleadgeable ka sa sinasabi mong software na na-develop ng SM for their customer needs, aber, ano yun? Worth ba yun 2k?

  9. Avatar for Glenn Glenn says:

    got my cm omega yesterday, and it comes with a free 16gb micro sd card. so definitely a winner in terms of value for money

  10. Avatar for erah erah says:

    starmobile diamond? duh! pareho lang sila ng starmobile flirt, walang pinagkaiba! at kaya lang naman naisipan ng starmobile na gawain yang diamond para lang itapat sa omega hd. wtf? eh sa battery nga, di na umabot. and one more thing, yung flirt, 1900mah battery lang. 2000 na pagdating sa diamond. no way. I WILL BUY OMEGA HD THIS APRIL. END OF STORY

    • Avatar for Nacho Nacho says:

      Dumbass. Flirt has a 4.5 inch qHD screen and Diamond has 5 inch HD screen and plus u dont need to act like a bitch by saying duh. Besides Diamond is better than Omega HD way better i dont think if its worth 2000 pesos besides i swear u are cheap.

    • Avatar for paqyu ka paqyu ka says:

      teh uso din ang magbasabasa. sadyang p0ser0 ka lang

  11. Avatar for ram ram says:

    This phones are rebranded versions of I-mobile IQ6 & IQ4 in thailand which has the same price 8,490 THB. i don’t understand why the price here has a large gap even though the SM Diamond (IQ4) has enhanced SGX S31 GPU compare to CM Omega HD (IQ6) but the specs are almost the same. If SM is a quad core, 8GB ROM then the price would be accurate :)

    • Avatar for robin pads robin pads says:

      simple lang sagot nyan tol, baguhan lang ang starmobile. hindi nila kaya tapatan siguro ang volume ng order tulad cherry. kaya si cherry kayang mag lower ng prices. at isa pa, kung makikita mong ma interview mga sales reps o marketing staff ng starmobile akalain mo sa mga sinasabi nila, sila mismo gumagawa ng units nila kaya nangangatuwiran na mas mataas pricing sa kompetisyon. may in house R&D daw o “engineers”. LOLS. eh puro rebrand lahat produkto nila, tinatakan lang brand nila at iniba ang kulay. LOOOOLS!

    • Avatar for techhh techhh says:

      @robin pads. syempre kailangan din nila ng developer. d lang naman basta rebrand ang gagawin nila. ung software ba ng i-mobile ay pareho sa starmobile? isip din. kahit na parehas silang android, starmobile needs to develop the software for their customers needs.

  12. Avatar for Rachel Rachel says:

    I think when it comes to durability, kahit na ano pang tatak ng cellphone mo, mapa iphone, samsung, lg, cherrymobile or starmobile pa yan, kung panapantao mo sa piko eh talagang masisira yung cellphone. I think cherry mobile should also invest in distributing the protectors and cases of the phones they rebrand so that wala ng aalma sa safety and durability of the phones.

    And yes, Starmobile Diamond is overpriced and people who work for Starmobile are overcompensating in rationalizing the high price. No bloatware app, widget or anything they put in the phone would explain a 2000 peso prize difference.

    Starmobile clean up your shit will you, please? Then maybe, the consumers would reconsider.

  13. Avatar for miku miku says:

    camera, battery at price lang pinagkaiba eh

  14. Avatar for Doc Doc says:

    After the first day, may available pa ba na CM? Parati namang ubos so I’ll by it even if more than 2k sya, if I need it, rather than waiting for nothing.

  15. Avatar for Don Crisostomo Don Crisostomo says:

    Mga nagrereklamo tungkol sa price nito eh mga mahihirap at pulubi lang! Pwe! Wag kayo bumili kung wala kayong pambili! O kaya mag-overtime na lang kayo sa mga trabaho nyo para magkaron ng pambili at hindi puro reklamo. Mga pulubi! Urban poor! Ew! Pwe!

    • Avatar for tonton tonton says:

      eh bat ka nagcomment dito? ang mga mayaman ay hindi pumapatol sa mga pulubing nagmamatyaga sa mga local brands, ulol! yabang ng ungas na to, eh wala ka ngang pambili ng load. shet! pweh!

    • Avatar for nyonyi nyonyi says:

      Asa ka pa!

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