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LG KS360 Qwerty phone unboxing

Announced in the 3rd quarter last year, the LG KS360 arrived in the Philippines this month. A slider phone with full qwerty keypads, the LG KS360 will have a retail price of just Php8,900. See unboxing photos after the jump.

With a 2.4″ (240×320 pixels) screen, the KS360 comes with a full qwerty keypad that slides out from the back.

lg ks360 philippines

It doesn’t have much in terms of features but at a suggested retail price of under Php9,000, it’s a tempting offer to those looking to own and try a qwerty phone without burning a hole in their pocket. It’s basically the same positioning/strategy LG tried with the Cookie.


lg ks360 philippines lg ks360 philippines lg ks360 philippines

lg ks360 philippines lg ks360 philippines lg ks360 philippines

lg ks360 philippines lg ks360 philippines lg ks360 philippines

Review should be out by next week.

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41 Responses

  1. Rome says:

    Is this Phone using Windows Mobile?

  2. mike wagan says:

    the price makes it tempting to buy. but i don’t think the rounded buttons look cool. i hope they designed it to be a bit more edgy. but it still looks nice though.

  3. Rome says:

    Is this phone running on a Windows Mobile platform?

  4. yuga says:

    @rome, nope, it runs LG’s proprietary OS.

  5. goosebumps says:

    Saw this phone several times in yahoo messenger banner ads. No wifi and 2 MP camera hmmmm..anyway what can you expect for a 9T phone…

  6. Darren says:

    this phone has a nintendo NES shell?

  7. Andre Marcelo-Tanner says:

    price is appealing and those keys look real easy to use compared to all the other keypads with letter so close together

  8. Bon says:

    That’s odd. No separate numeric keypad? How do you make a call? Slide out the horizontal keypad, key in some numbers, close the keypad and hold handset to head? Too many steps methinks.

  9. Go says:

    No 3G?! No Thanks!
    No Wifi?! WTF! (though i won’t expect wifi with the price point but no 3G?!!!)
    LG’s Proprietary OS?!Well it’s not a smartphone anyway.
    Not a smartphone?! No Way!
    15MB internal memory?! it’s 2009 for heaven’s sake LG, flash memory gets cheaper by the day!

    9000 pesos?! What for? the slider qwerty keyboard?!

    I’ll get a Nokia E51 or Nokia E63 instead with everything I need for just an additional 2T pesos.


  10. yuga says:

    @Go, for your type of needs on a phone, LG has the LG GC900 Viewty, LG Xenon or LG KM900 Arena.

  11. Go says:

    but abe, what about the prices? i understand that LG has more in store in terms of OS availability (LG has both windows & symbian and probably android soon) and functionality.

    and LG loves to use it’s proprietary OS when the whole world is moving into the open source mobile OS. Arena, Viety, and Xenon use LG proprietary OS.

    Nothing bad about that, it’s just 3rd party apps seems scarce.

  12. calvin says:

    looks nice for sub 10k phone. but is it really practical with its features?

  13. loadex says:

    sayang i thought may wifi siya… kuha na sana ako.


    touch screen dialling siya.. base sa specs sa gsmarena

  14. william says:

    this phone caters to different kind of market.

  15. it looks nice. Ill buy one

  16. JanBrane says:

    KS360 is a touchscreen phone.

  17. Go says:


    you are right. this phone caters to a different market. so i’ll get the Nokia 6120 instead. that is, for the connection

  18. Reggie says:

    they dropped the price huh. it used to be sold at 11,500.00 last january

  19. Unknown Soldier says:

    what i really hate about cellphones is that it has moving parts… prone to damage.

    take it from a careless person like me! wahaha!

  20. Ani says:

    EDGE + Opera Mini makes for a pleasant mobile browsing experience. The 2.4 inch screen & dedicated keyboard means that composition of long email /blog entries is a lot easier. Touchscreen is limited to dialing fyi.

    Curious that it has an Office document viewer – at any rate there aren’t that many phones that can provide these features for 10K.

  21. Chris says:

    ayus ang ganda..kaso wala 3G sayang..

  22. chester says:

    OT: guys, is it true? Nokie E75 is already released in the philippines?

  23. Trish says:

    Cuuute. Getting it for my 13th birthday!! Where do you get the PINK one????!!

  24. chester says:

    Sir Yuga, is that the only available color for the Philippines edition? or can we find a blue or pink one in the market?

  25. BigB says:

    I got this already! very nice phone. functions like a 14-16K phone. Only problem is the themes. Camera is way better than the motorola v3x and almost at par with signature-branded camera’s like Carl Zeiss etc. Texting is a lil hard at first but im getting used to it already. For the price you are paying, value is worth more than what you paid for. overall: 8/10.

  26. marvin buenaventura says:

    hi! i just bought the ks360 and so far its a good phone. my only question is what is the security code of this phone because im trying to reformat my memory card but its asking for a security code and i dont know what it is. please help me or send it to my email [email protected]. thank you!

  27. paulo's says:

    Hi! Other than that color, is there a black-titanium one? If there is, where can I find it? I’ve already searched different malls, and I can’t find one. Thank you!

  28. GreenGem says:

    @marvin – My friend encountered it already. Try four (0000)or five (00000) zeroes.

  29. hisgirL says:

    san po makakabuy nito sa quezon province.?.
    pls ans thank you soooo much

  30. T07 says:

    hi :-) im thinking of buying this phone but im having second thoughts because its my first time to switch to LG (been using Nokia for years). does it have problems re: receiving txt msgs? this is my main concern pls reply thank you so much

  31. marfield says:

    ok ba KS360 kami gumagawa ng keypad nyan nakrating na pala sa pinas…. :D

  32. ahhm, sayang naman wala xang 3G akala ko my 3G.. excited pa naman ako nung nakita ko box nito.. kc i2 ung gift skn ng mama ko kahapon (19th July’09). Bday ko kc kahapon.. kala ko my 3g.. haiz.. tz hirap magtx.. ahahaha!! peo ok lng.. maganda xa.!! dkna ccrain 2!! ahehehe..!! halos lahat kc ng ngng cp ko nccra ko or cncra ko.. ahihi.. add me up on fs: [email protected] and [email protected] and sa ym naman naman [email protected] ahihihi.. thank u!!

  33. Allie says:

    Does this phone also come in purple?
    what color would you recommend for us?
    Where can you buy this phone the cheapest?
    my friend told me that it could be bought for 8000 pesos in Greenhills?

    pwede kaba dito mag-internet?
    Mayroon ba itong music player parang LG KP500 cookie?

  34. Aebee says:

    Hello. I Like LG Xenon (or also called LG GR500) better because of its “full touch screen”. Do you know when will it be available here in the Philippines?

  35. Sana says:

    I bought it yesterday and i liked it, it is good for teen agers not for elders .. i loooks coooool and easy to use …

    I recommend to teen ager to go with it


  36. gwen.tot says:

    is it really worth the price? ive been want it!

  37. purpleninja says:

    I’ve been thinking lately if i should buy the Nokia E63 or this phone. it makes it so difficult for me to decide since its both QWERTY phones, tho of course Nokia has more features than this one, but on the other hand this one’s much cheaper. haha! but anyway since this phone’s made for teenagers… there’s 95% chance of me to buy this phone instead. and besides i just need a phone for texting i don’t need 3Gs and wut not thank you very much…anyway it was just a thought :)

  38. Lhara says:

    I heard that this phone reformats by itself… is that true?


  39. kai miranda says:

    me and a friend of mine just bought it last week. im very impressed with the LG KS360. texting is fun and easier, and the touch screen is helpful too (but its only with the number pad). and though i’m an avid user of nokia phones, the qwerty typing came as second nature to me. though its not wifi capable or has 3G, its still a very handy and durable phone. and cheaper now too, its P6300+ at the LG Store.

  40. cris ashley says:

    …………yes it is………..it always reformat itself specialy when it locates or detech a viruz………………….so that your not going to worry about it……………its so convinient to use……….sooooooo worryless about this phone…………..besides it was so stylish,yet so coooooooooool…………….good for teenagers like me………..hahaha………….

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