Nokia C3 priced, arriving next week

Nokia C3 priced, arriving next week

Update: Read our Nokia C3 Review.

According to several retail stores I asked in the malls, the Nokia C3 will arrive next week and will have a price of around Php7,290 (cheapest I surveyed but there’s a sale on Saturday).

The Nokia C3 is an entry-level phnone with a full qwerty keyboard and could be considered a cheaper alternative to the popular Nokia E63, only without the 3G.

Saw this unit back in June during the Nokia Connections 2010 event in Singapore.


Nokia C3
Quad-band GSM/EDGE
WiFi 802.11b/g
2.4″ 256K-color QVGA display
2 megapixel fixed-focus camera
QVGA video recording at 15fps
Series 40 UI, 6th edition
FM Radio with RDS
Bluetooth 2.0 with A2DP
microSD card slot (8GB supported, 2GB included)

The Nokia C3 favored WiFi connectivity over 3G and offers dedicated features for social networking.

The poster above shows the price of the Nokia C6 (Php14,450), the Nokia C5 (Php7,950) and the Nokia C3 at Php7,290.

Sale Update: Nokia Philippines is running a promo for the C3 — Php1,000 off on July 31, Saturday. That makes the Nokia C3 at Php6,290 for the day.

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50 Responses

  1. Patricia says:

    Wow. Wifi-enabled phones keep getting cheaper.

  2. Paul says:

    Hey …did Nokia just name their new phones after Metro Manila’s circumferential roads? :-)

  3. isNullOrEmpty says:

    @abeolandres can i know what store the poster is from? thanks.

  4. Wakocoke says:

    Wala pa ung dual-sim ng Nokia?? (C2)

  5. Miguel says:

    The C5 looks right for me – the successor of the trusty 6120 Classic.

    I need the 3G band for travel to countries that don’t have GSM 2G networks.

  6. nexusboy says:

    nice! i’m buying Nokia C3 for my younger sis. it will be my FIRST NOKIA PURCHASE in 3 years! (since apple iPhone came out) haha

  7. JP says:

    Can it run Crysis?

  8. tipler says:

    A predecessor comes before the subject. Successor maybe?

  9. limuelG says:

    pang b1 lang aq taz extra large ung fries!!! lol

  10. Teknisyan says:

    nice name lols.. but the screen is some what small.

  11. Arvee says:


    Wondering about the same thing to. Siguro this September kasi C2 was announced in India 2 months after C3.

  12. Pipo says:

    correct me if i’m wrong, sir abe. but the price of c3 was lower when you first reported it here in yugatech, right? what happened?

  13. Jazon says:

    Still awaiting the successor to E63.

  14. Winziph says:

    pamura ng pamura mga phone with wifi weeeeeeeeee..

  15. leeto says:

    How about the E5, kailan lalabas un?

  16. leeto says:

    Ung E5 kailan lalabas?

  17. mr. bogus says:

    nice… wala nga lang 3g!!! wth!!!

    na alert na rin sila sa mga cheap wifi phones.. sana may dual sim na rin

  18. JeDCee says:

    where can I get it for 7290? tnx

  19. bestgee says:

    @pipo – tama mas mura nga.!!

  20. Miguel says:

    Drawback – Series 40 == No multitasking.

  21. Dan The Beast says:

    Pansin ko lang. Ang dami nyong hinahanp na specs ng phone eh di nyo naman magagamit dito sa Pinas. Minsan payabangan na lang ba ito? Wag na kayong magcomment kung may hinahanap kayong kulang. Bilhin nyo na lang yung may specs na nagagamit nyo lang. Pinoy nga talaga tayo. Pasikat at payabang.

  22. sparkle says:

    *like* @ Dan

  23. Fleeb says:

    @Dan: may nakita ako bumili ng iPad para lang maglaro ng Plants vs Zombies sa mall. :S

  24. Fleeb says:

    @Dan: and BTW, matagal na naging pang social status yung phones

  25. Dan The Beast says:

    @Fleeb: Yup. I’m too old to know. :D

  26. mjne_19 says:

    @abeolandres sir ok ba tong c3? Im plnning to sell my google n1 tapos mgbasc phone n lng ako while waiting for iphone4. Any recmmndtions?

  27. ron says:

    @abe, where is the sale happening?

  28. kathy.j says:

    Definitely eying on C6 since it was announced.
    Sir Abe, na try nyo na po ba gamitin ung C6? I was just wondering if it has an ‘on screen’ keypad just in case ayoko gamitin ung QWERTY keypad, Thanks in advance!

  29. kathy.j says:

    ok na pala, i’ve seen an unboxing video that answered my question. :)

  30. Carlfinity says:

    supported po ba nito ang Skype mobile?

  31. nexusboy says:

    just bought a Nokia C3, ubos na ang stocks in just 3 hours from store opening. got it with P1,000 discount plus 2Gb memory card (nationwide promo for one-day)… best-valued Nokia phone so far! more people were lining up, the stores only stock 30 units for today.

    Nokia C3 will be sold to its original price at P7,295 starting tomorrow.

  32. Editha says:

    so is the C6 available in the philippines already too?

    What do you guys think of C6?

  33. Jamby says:


    really? you got your c3 with 2gb memory card??

    Got mine at MemoExpress Festival Mall but without the memory card!

    The saleslady said only the first 15 gets the memory card (even though i mentioned that the website states that there is a 2gb microsd included in the box)

    so i guess that’s the catch, but after reading your post…i feel naisahan ako…need to call nokia…

  34. Hagupit Ni says:

    The C3 price of P7,290 or the discounted P6290 is a scam. Worldwide the C price is below P5290. Meaning to say Nokia Philippines is unfair and cannot be trusted.

  35. sweet says:

    how are all the c3 users doing? what are your comment of the phone? please let me know. drop by my blog, Thank You! :D

  36. confused_chique says:

    san kaya mas ok? E71 or C3?? i have the E71.. :)

  37. aliester says:

    kaso s40 lang lang pala sya hindi symbian ahehe

  38. disappointedC3user says:

    the phone is crap. sabagay, I have a N82, and I shouldn’t be comparing it with the C3. I thought C3 would have multi-tasking capability as I’m used to multi-tasking with my N82. it’s just like a musicexpress phone with WiFi. I’m planning to sell mine and get a N8 instead. if you guys are getting a C series phone, get the E or N series instead. C3 is for my grandma, with it’s really big fonts and limited configurations, no multi-tasking capability (for the oldies or the kiddies).

  39. PlanningToBuyC3 says:

    @disappointedC3user, how much would you sell your C3?

  40. disappointedC3user says:

    @PlanningToBuyC3: I would like to sell it for 6K. but a prospect buyer (a relative) is looking at it right now. i’ll keep you posted. Ãœ

  41. Alex says:

    Is the phone’s priced lowered in the Philippines? kasi may ads na nagsasabi na imbis 7 thousand naging 5 thousand nalang? at tsaka by none-multi tasking does it mean i cannot play music while texting?Greatly appreciated if someone would reply

  42. aaronramos says:

    i’ve decided to have nokia c3 tru globe postpaid plan!im looking forward to it.

  43. realme says:

    any comments on the nokia c3-01

  44. chelle quiao says:

    magkano na lang po kaya ang nokia c3 ngayon?

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