Nokia introduces 105, 301, Lumia 520 & 720

At MWC, Elop states that Nokia will be bringing their high-end phone features to their newer line of devices, namely the Nokia 301, Nokia 105, Nokia Lumia 520 & Nokia Lumia 720.

Yugatech 728x90 Reno7 Series


The 105 is the entry point to Nokia, costing around 15 EUR / $20, which equates to less than Php1,000 (before taxes and subsidies). The device comes with FM Radio, flashlight and a dustproof & splashproof keypad. Nokia also claims that the device can go on for two weeks of standby.

Nokia 105 specs:
1.45-inch 65k Color Display
8MB memory
3.5 mm jack
107 x 44.8 x 14.3 mm


The 301 features Slam & some camera features like sequential shot (3-5 pictures in a row) and panorama. Slam allows sending photos through slamming with bluetooth, without the need to pair. The device will come in cyan, magenta, yellow, white, and black. Also, the Nokia 301 will come with HD Voice and Mail for Exchange in Single & dual-SIM variants. The Nokia 301 will be going around for 65 EUR before taxes and subsidies (Php3,500).

Nokia 301 specs:
2.4” QVGA display
Up to 256MB (microSD card up to 32GB)
3.2MP camera
Bluetooth 3.0
3.5mm audio jack
Dual SIM variant
114 x 50 x 12.5 mm


The Lumia 520 packs a 4-inch super sensitive display similar to the one on the 920. Also, it features the same digital lenses like Cinemagraph. It will be all on board the 5MP AF camera. It will be around 139 EUR on release – that is less than Php7,500 (before taxes and subsidies). The Nokia Lumia 520 will come around in yellow, red, cyan, white or black.

Nokia Lumia 520 specs:
4-inch IPS LCD display(800 x 480 pixels)
1 GHz Dual Core Snapdragon CPU
512 MB RAM
8 GB internal memory
microSD card up to 64GB
5MP AF camera
720p video recording at 30fps
Windows Phone 8
119.9 x 64 x 9.9 mm


While the others didn’t feature NFC and the like, the Nokia Lumia 720 compensates for it. The device also features a front-facing 1.3 megapixel wide-angle camera and a rear 6.7MP camera with an f/1.9 aperture. It’s no PureView, but Nokia claims it can take magnificent shots. It will be available in matte red, yellow, cyan, black and glossy white for 249 EUR (Php13,500 before taxes and subsidies).

Nokia Lumia 720 specs:
4.3-inch ClearBlack super sensitive display (800 x 480 pixels)
1 GHz Dual Core Snapdragon CPU
512 MB RAM
8 GB internal memory
microSD card up to 64GB
6.7MP AF camera, Carl Zeiss, with LED Flash
720p video recording at 30fps
1.3 megapixel front-facing wide angle camera
Windows Phone 8
127.9 x 67.5 x 9mm
Wireless Charging

It looks like there won’t be any high-end phones to come from Nokia soon – which is a good call since the Nokia Lumia 920 isn’t even available in some countries yet.

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41 Responses

  1. Avatar for Nikko Nikko says:

    kailan kaya release date ng Nokia 301 dito. Iniintay ko to kase may A2DP support itong phone na to. Yung Asha 206 wala, tunog lata pag through bluetooth.

  2. Avatar for frgt10 frgt10 says:

    android for power user
    WP8 standard users

    android lots of apps and games, but many are not needed, good for multimedia

    WP8 a bit boring but very fast, all needed apps are available, good battery life

    just choose what is best for you

  3. Avatar for Nokia 301 Nokia 301 says:

    This Nokia 301 Dual SIM mobile features a 3.2 MP camera with 2048 x 1536 pixels and 3x digital zoom. With an expandable up to 32 GB, this mobile lets you store your favourite tracks as well as photographs. Facebook, Twitter and Nokia Apps make it an absolute must-have for avid social networkers.This Nokia dual SIM phone features Series 40 OS, 2.4 inch QVGA display, 2G network, GPRS, EDGE, Bluetooth v3.0, USB v2.0 and FM Radio with recording. Browse the internet or download online content with its Nokia browser. It also features alphanumeric keypad, speed dialling, conference calling, Nokia Messaging, Ovi Email, Windows Live Messenger, music and media player, stereo FM radio, Java games, up to 2000 contact memory and built-in hands-free speakers.

  4. Avatar for rk rk says:

    @braz…. fanboy!!!

    • Avatar for braz braz says:

      hindi naman, naka android nga ako eh. mali-mali kasi mga inputs mo. at nagmamarunong ka lang, halata naman eh. peace! HAHAHA

    • Avatar for rk rk says:

      k, i rest my case… baka mapatungo pa usapan na ‘to sa cyberbullying… :)

  5. Avatar for Android fanboys bobo Android fanboys bobo says:

    LOL mga bobo talaga tong mga android fanboys. kung magsalita kala nila nasubukan na nila lahat. I used almost all major platforms in the market from windows mobile, android, windows phone, iOS, symibian, meego…and all i can say is, theres nothing as flawless as windows phone! well iOS came in close but it was boring.. windows phones are totally different from windows mobile, FYI.. windows mobile is a “pocket pc” meaning it resembles the environment of a PC, only smaller… while windows phone is just a phone, a super smart phone. and comparing a windows phone with android given the same hardware specs, windows phone blows android out of the water.. a 1.4 Ghz w/ 512 MB ram android is way too laggy compared to a windows phone with the same specs (lets say the lumia 900 which has ZERO LAG!)…

    app-wise, windows phone is equiped with all the essential apps.. android have a big collection of apps but more than 50 percent of it are irrelevant and redundant! its time to wake up android fanboys! I like android because of its customizability but it is a half-cooked OS… windows phones are flawless…

    • Avatar for rk rk says:

      FYI, windows phone needs a higher specs (more CPU, more GPU compute, more memory, more storage space..) compared to lean and mean android.

    • Avatar for rk rk says:

      lets prevent using bads words here… blog po to nang-yugatech… di po to forum… amateurs!!!

    • Avatar for braz braz says:

      FYI @rk, mali-mali mga inputs mo. ung android mismo ang nees ng more CPU/ more GPU. hindi mo ba notice na habang tumataas ang version ng android which is ngayon jellybean na, tumataas din processor ng ilang phone manufacturer? from single, to dual ngayon nag quadcore na cla? pati ung RAM memory tinaatasan na din. ung Wp8, kahit dual lang yan, kaya niyag talunin ung quadcore ng android sa bilis ar processing. mas stable ang wp8 kesa sa android!! kita mo walang katapusang update ang android? bukas paggising mo bka Android 5 na, baka Android Sugar-Caramel na ang name. LOL.. gising ka nga baka natutulog ka lang kc…

  6. Avatar for Aqua Aqua says:

    920 wala pa ngayon may 720 and 520! Ang bagal na mag labas ng new product ang Nokia ngayon! Wawa talaga Nokia. Young showroom nila sa Robinson ermita close na rin. Next I think will be the one in sm Manila!

  7. Avatar for denden_08 denden_08 says:

    First off, kaya konti ang apps ng Windows Phone, kasi may testing process pa bago ipublish. Android nga pasok ng pasok ng apps, hindi man lang magawang i-test kung may virus. Ate ko nga naka-ilang format na sa android phone niya.
    Second, malinis, walang pa-extra-extrang stuffs na nakakalowbat na nga, nakaka-lag pa.
    Third, So, kung old na ang OS, wala nang kwenta??? I bet di niyo na inaalagaan mga lola niyo.
    Bottomline, WP=maganda, iOS=fair enough, android=rubish

    • Avatar for Boomerwhang Boomerwhang says:

      What the heck? The old rumors of “viruses” in Android is still around?! Amateurs… In the first place Android and Apple operate their apps in sandbox mode (so it won’t affect core systems) which means that if you have any malicious app installed, it can be instantly removed just by uninstalling it.
      You know how you can avoid this? Use GOOGLE PLAY only! It’s because you idiots keep using hacked apps, if you can’t afford to BUY ORIGINAL apps, and something happens, don’t badmouth or blame Google. Cheap bastards…

    • Avatar for rk rk says:

      agree ako dyan boomerwhang… two thumbs up!

  8. Avatar for Zzz Zzz says:

    Bago ka magslta na ang windows phone ay version ng windows mobile which is 12 years old magicp icp ka muna. sguraduhn mong tama yang snasbe mo. :)

    • Avatar for rk rk says:

      yup, just read this articles:




    • Avatar for rk rk says:

      just read the articles from wikipedia, and search the terms “windows phone” and “windows mobile”.

  9. Avatar for Oli Oli says:

    First off, I’m a WP7.5 user.

    Apps wise, sure Windows Marketplace is weak but everything that you need is readily available in the Marketplace. Android on the other hand has all this apps that really wants to be apple or some kind.

    Buying an Android phone seems like owning just another Android Phone. Whatever the spec, or brand. It’s just another Android Phone. And if you are someone who is a digit whore which loves to compete against other people in terms of “Clockspeeds, RAM, etc.” well you sure should go for an Android. They will price you Heck of a lot for it. On the other hand, Microsoft hands you this practically built phone that is ready to use, easy to use, touch friendly, user-friendly and doesn’t have that feeling that it wants to be a pc which the Android seems to do.

    Let’s all admit that Android wants to be a full-blown platform on its own much like the desktop pc which is an all around device but heck, Android is just another OS that you beat out the crap off, customize the pre-loaded firmware just to make it “easier” to use and then destroying it by flashing and installing some bloatwares and stuff.

    Not mentioning the Android’s Battery life versus Windows Phone.

    • Avatar for rk rk says:


      * windows phone is a 2010 version of windows mobile (launched in 2000). the Phone OS is already 12 years old, yet it has a very small market share around less than 5%.

      * apple iOS, used in iphone and ipad – born in 2007 and still kicking android for top spot.

      * android – born in 2008, and king of the hill (thanks to samsung).

      The market segment for each phone OS…

      Android – pang-masa (aka Erap)

      Apple IOS – pang-mayaman (aka Nonoy via Kris)

      Windows Phone – for suckers (aka GMA)

    • Avatar for Oli Oli says:


      But you do know that Windows Phone OS is not the same as the Windows Mobile, right?

      FYI, they made the Windows Phone OS from ground up. They first had the Windows CE and Windows Mobile until they had the chance to make a firmware exclusive for the Zune HD and gave way to Windows Phone 7.

      Microsoft’s small market shows that only a few knows what is good stuff.

  10. Avatar for renokini renokini says:

    patay na ang nokia… sa mga mall, wala na tao tumitingin sa display center nila.

  11. Avatar for Anon Anon says:

    The 301 looks superb! S40 for the win!

  12. Avatar for noodle noodle says:

    kanya kanya naman ng preference yan. i find WP8 OS very refreshing. tsaka di naman ako mahilig sa apps. like ko yung 520 kaso baka 10k na naman pag dating dito sa pinas. tskk

  13. Avatar for wp8zuck wp8zuck says:

    promise pangit ang wp8, sayang lang pera nyo. walang apps!! saka pangit din gamitin for media consumption lalo kung nuod ng movies mp4 lang kaya i play.

    para safe pera nyo mag android na lang kayo. sulit na sulit, all around na gamit dami apps at flexible.

    ok nokia kung sa low end lang kayo yan tig 3500 at 1000 pero if yan 520 above wag na. promise pangit tlga

    • Avatar for emem emem says:

      really? no apps? that’s it? with all the apps your downloaded, how often mo nagagamit? I have s3, iphone and wp8 phones. wp8 doesn’t suck. kung operation lang ng phone… the lowest lumia can easily beat the higher spec na android. all phones i use for emails calls text facebook which i guess majority panay facebook din lang naman ang gamit and yet it works well. don’t put down a really good OS. sa pagkafelxible ng android and people not closing apps religiously… bumabagal din yun.

      yes apps is a big deal nowadays pero don’t let your world revolve around it…

    • Avatar for nex-6 nex-6 says:

      question. how many and what are the apps that you are actually using?

    • Avatar for fireice2 fireice2 says:

      Troll needs toll pambili ng phone.

    • Avatar for wp8zuck wp8zuck says:


      owner ka ba ng wp8? baka wala kang alam at nag mamagaling ka lang.

      ako meron ako nokia 920 galing germany bigay ng nanay ko. hindi man lang ako maka nuod ng movies na natorrent ko from pc!!! ks walang maganda video player!!

      kung pwede lang to ibalik at makuha ulit ang pera pinambili nito sana note2 na lang binuy ko, leche.

      wala ding games!!! hindi nakaka enjoy kahit ang youtube walastik ang boplok ng interface nila, pang symbian belle ang dating wtf!!

      maganda ang design ng wp8, colorful pero aanhin mo ang magandang design kung hindi ka naman enjoy sa pag gamit!!!

      ulit walang useful apps at walang games ang wp8. kung gusto nyo magpaka bobo, cge buy kayo at magsisi after 1 week na gamit!! yun lang advise ng isang wp8 owner

      wish ko sana malugi an wp8 at nokia!!

    • Avatar for troll troll says:

      picture or you don’t have a 920. haha.

    • Avatar for wp8zuck wp8zuck says:

      picture muna ng ina mo walang panty or ampon ka lang. haha

    • Avatar for wp8zuck-Sucks wp8zuck-Sucks says:

      Bitter si kuya..wp8 user kaba talaga? Haha uwi knlang sa bundok may nalalaman kapang germany hahaha anak bakuko..Well said mr. emem nasa gumagamit yan wala sa apps timang puro kc bold DL mo sa torrent tsk tsk tsk..

    • Avatar for juding25 juding25 says:

      sana kung wala kang wp wag comment ng comment. promise posero ka talaga

  14. Avatar for ty ty says:

    lumia na dual sim pls nokia…

  15. Avatar for HK-47 HK-47 says:

    The 105 looks like the perfect beater phone. I just wish Nokia would ditch the proprietary charging port on their low end phones and go with microUSB.

  16. Avatar for Enya Enya says:

    Hmmm the 301 might replace my old yet kicking 5630. Can this sync with outlook?

  17. Avatar for jay jay says:

    @RJ. Give it a try. You’ll love it.

  18. Avatar for RJ RJ says:

    bakit kya nde nagiging appealing sakin ang windows 8? pero in terms of hardware and design, panalo ang nokia… pero still, i love my s3.

  19. Avatar for FRANZ FRANZ says:

    sir kelan po kaya sya darating sa pilipinas?

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