OpenFrame IP Media Phone sports an Intel Atom

OpenFrame IP Media Phone sports an Intel Atom

I earlier hinted that the Intel Atom CPU could very well power a mobile phone. I didn’t realize one phone manufacturer has already done it. OpenPeak today announced the OpenFrame IP Media Phone that runs on an Intel Atom processor.

The OpenFrame media phone integrates voice, data, video and mobile into a touchscreen-based device. It connects to your home network via the built-in WiFi.

openframe ip phone

The device can send calendar alerts and driving directions to the user’s mobile; stream and play music, movie trailers and YouTube videos; and preview images or video from digital cameras or camcorders.


openframe media phone

So, okay it’s not really a mobile phone kind of phone but it’s a step to that direction. This is more like a Skype phone with multimedia capabilities.

openframe media phone

Should be out by 1st quarter of 2009 {via}.

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